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I have an existing login entry for a website with username and password. Now I did enable the two factor authentication for this login. I did add a one time password to the existing 1P Login entry. How can I configure that 1P will insert this one time password into the third field in the form during auto fill?



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    Hi @Finke03,

    This is something we want to handle automatically in the future for our 1Password extension. At the moment, this isn't possible to do on your own since the code is generated on the fly and changing every 30 seconds by 1Password. In other words, we need to improve the extension to generate the code before passing it on to the site.

    For now, you'll have to copy the code from the Login's details view. You can do this by right-clicking on the Login item in the extension to view its details and then click on the code to copy it.

    I've added a vote to our internal requests tracker for you on adding this support to our extension.

    ref: OPX-758

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