I bought 1Password on the UK app store but now live in the US. How do I reinstall?

I bought 1Password on the UK app store but now live in the US, so my AppleID is now linked to the US (not UK) appstore. As a result 1Password is not showing in my previous purchases, so I can't reinstall onto my new Mac Air laptop.

Apple of course are totally impossible to get assistance from. So out of necessity I'm currently running a version of 1Password downloaded from your site, but now the "trial has expired".

I have of course paid for the service and it's now critical to my ongoing ability to work. Are you please able to supply me with a license number I can use to unlock the service? Happy to send you the purchase receipt, but I'm getting desperate!


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  • @phames - If you send a copy of your receipt from the UK Apple Store or a screen shot of it to [email protected] and request a license from the AgileBits web store, they will indeed supply a license for you. Include a link to this thread in your message, and when you receive the automated reply, you can help speed things along if you post the included support ticket number back here in this thread.

    As I guess you have discovered, Apple is completely unhelpful in cases like yours. They also won't allow users to merge accounts on separate Apple IDs, even if a second ID is created by mistake.

  • @hawkmoth Awesome!! Thanks so much. Have emailed them the receipt...

  • Here's the support ticket number: #FJK-73424-252

  • AGMarshallAGMarshall 1Password Alumni

    @phames Thanks! We will handle this via email now. ref: FJK-73424-252

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