Is OPEN click box on Apple App Store 1Password app legit?

I thought I might have to download the 1Password app again from the Apple App store so I selected the 1Password app and when it appeared there was a click box titled OPEN. When I clicked on that box it requested my 1Password Master password. Is this legitimate or a phishing attempt to get the master password?


  • @KenMac2016 - If you are in the App Store and locate an application that is already installed on your device, it will offer to open that app, rather than download it from the store. The fact that you are seeing Open tells you that 1Password is already installed on your device. And if you click Open, you will, of course, be asked to enter your master password, since that is required to open 1Password whenever your security settings require it. You are describing the usual behavior of the App Store, not a phishing attempt, as long as you are confident that you are indeed accessing the App Store.

  • Thank you hawkmoth. That was the first time I saw that feature so was little concerned about the security of the request.

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