I purchased a bundle license but not sure how to add to my work iPad (different iTunes login)

I purchased a bundle license (1Password 5 for Mac + Windows and also 1Password for iOS). I have 1Password on my personal Mac, a family member's Mac, my personal iPad, my personal iPhone, and a family member's personal iPhone. I wanted to put it on my work laptop (PC) but work won't currently allow me so I use my dropbox login to access it (for now). However, I now have a work iPad and would like it to sync. How do I do that?

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    Hi @TheJBJ,

    The Pro features for 1Password for iOS are an in-app purchase from the Apple App Store, and as such are sold on a per-Apple ID basis. If you'd like to use them on multiple Apple IDs, you would need to purchase them on multiple Apple IDs.

    That said, the Pro features are not required for syncing. If you'd rather not have the expense of the Pro features for the work iPad you can still sync your data there (presuming work will allow you to do so):

    Sync | 1Password for iOS

    It sounds like you already have Dropbox syncing set up on at least some of the other devices (which is what I would've recommended for this sort of scenario), so you'll just need to set up the work iPad to do so as well. Instructions for that can be found in the link above.

    I hope that helps!


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