Rewards Program and Website Login

Is it possible to have the rewards program, with ID number and the login credentials as one record? Currently, I have to enter the rewards program details and when I go to the website I have another record for website login.

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  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @HoJo,

    Thanks for taking to contact us with your question!

    You can certainly keep all that information in one item if you'd like. If you have a website account for a rewards program, you'll want to use a Login item - this is because Login items (as well as Identity and Credit Card items) can be used to fill web forms. Other item categories in 1Password (such as the Rewards Program category) are basically templates for storing different types of information that might not necessarily have an associated website account, and cannot be used for filling web forms.

    If you have other data you want to save in a Login item (like other details from a rewards program), you can add custom fields and custom sections for that, or use the notes field.

    Hopefully that answers your question, but please let us know if you need anything else. We're always happy to help! :)

  • Thank you Drew that was of big help. Happy New Year when it comes.

  • Vee_AGVee_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @HoJo,

    On behalf of Drew, you're very welcome! I'm sure he'll be glad to see that you found his answer helpful.

    Happy New Year to you as well! Cheers. :)

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