Is there a way to define a "common" password and then associate the "common" password with logins?

For example define your Active Directory Credentials, then reference them for logins with a variable of some sort? Say {ADUN1} or %ADUN1%. Having multiple sites that require a common login can be tedious to manage with a 90 or 120 day PW Policy.

I did look at Identifies as well as Accounts and neither of these seem to satisfy this type of need / want.

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  • Greetings @GTIMANiac,

    We don't have a way of referencing one item from within another but there might be another way of handling this.

    A Login item can have multiple website fields and will match against any of them. If you have several unique sites that all authenticate using a single authentication server then one Login item with additional website fields might be a viable solution.

    Now open and fill from inside 1Password mini would always select the first field which would reduce it's usefulness but clicking on any URL in a Login item will also cause open and fill to correctly occur with the right URL.

    Could this work for you?

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