iPhone 1passwords to Windows Account

I'd like to back all my 44 passwords to my computer, through drop box, but it's not working? Any help will be appreciated. I'm on Windows 7 and 1password version 4.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @rick_james: You'll need to setup Dropbox on your PC first. And then you can use 1Password Preferences > General > Move to Dropbox to place your vault there for Dropbox to sync. Can you tell me which other devices you're trying to sync with?

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @rick_james,

    Just to clarify, Dropbox is not a backup solution. 1Password uses it as a sync source, so you can ask it to move your 1Password data to your Dropbox folder and then you can sync with the rest of your computers and mobile devices. However, for backups, you should have 1Password create backups locally on each device to provide redundancy while also syncing the data, to provide at least two copies.

    If I go by your thread title, are you trying to push data from your iPhone to your PC? If yes, use this guide to set up Dropbox first in the iOS app.

    After Dropbox finishes uploading your data from the iPhone, wait for Dropbox to finish its sync on your PC if you already installed the desktop version of Dropbox from their site: https://www.dropbox.com. You'd see a green checkmark on the Dropbox icon when it is done syncing and when you do, open 1Password on the PC, it should automatically detect the data in Dropbox for you to open.

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