I'm having issues with my WiFi sync

First off really love your software. But I've had challenges with my WiFi sync recently. Two questions:

-Is it possible to see when a sync has occurred except to search through your categories looking to see how things have been synced up? Would be great to see when the sync occurred and with what device. And a sync button would be helpful with a status that shows a sync (other than the spinning sync icon-in case you miss that).

-I have a Macbook Pro running OS X 10.11.2 & 1P Version 5.4.1. And have successfully sync'd with my iPhone running iOS 9.2 and latest version of 1P. My issue is using WiFi sync with my Mac Pro running OS X 10.10.5/1P running 5.4.2 and my same iPhone. I have successfully synced with this Mac Pro previously but cannot get it to work now.

There is no way to sync Mac to Mac ...correct? I have seen the spinning icon on my iPhone thinking it's syncing but it does not sync. I know as I have 2 Identities on my IOS device and 4 on my Mac Pro.

I've run through your troubleshooting exercises several times: WiFi on the same network, shut off antivirus/malware/etc. I start WiFi sync on my Mac Pro and then go into Settings on my iPhone. No luck syncing the two.

I'm not ready to upgrade the Mac Pro to 10.11 at this point..

Happy to send logs if needed. Happy New Year!

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  • Hi @tomhargrave,

    In cases like this where there are multiple Macs what we would strongly recommend is syncing your iOS devices with the most commonly used of the Macs using Wi-Fi Sync and then a combination of Folder Sync with a pen/flash drive to sync between the two Macs. We know some people use an iOS device as a bridge between Macs but there are a number of unsavoury situations that can arise when you're constantly disconnecting and reconnecting Wi-Fi Sync in this way. I'm not sure if that is what you've been doing up until now or not, I only mention it because you say the iOS device has synchronised with the MacBook Pro but not the Mac Pro.

    Another possible cause is specific to 1Password 6.1.2 for iOS and is only present if you have multiple vaults in 1Password for iOS. Is this the case for you?

  • Thanks for the response! Happy New Year.

    Appears I have three vaults: Primary, MacPro Family Room & Talley. I really only use the Primary and need that Vault on all three of my devices. But would like to have a Vault (Talley) too. How does that impact my Sync?

    I'll look into the alternative sync method you recommend.
    Thank you.

  • Ok, I successfully used Folder Sync across my two Macs...that worked well. I synced my Primary Vault.

  • Hello @tomhargrave,

    So the presence of multiple vaults in your copy of 1Password 6 for iOS means that when you first open it you probably see what we call the All Vaults view. It's not a real vault but instead a view of the contents of all of your vaults and you can alter which vaults are included by going to Settings > Vaults > All Vaults inside of 1Password for iOS.

    There's not point spinning it though, we messed up and a bug did slip past us into the public releases of 1Password for iOS that include the new All Vaults view. We describe it Known vault sync issues in 1Password for iOS and I believe it will be fixed in the next release. The link includes the not very nice steps to rectify the issue but it is temporary and really requires the fix in the code. I'm a Wi-Fi Sync user myself so I know exactly what you're going through, in fact I had the fun of tracking it down and ensuring there were steps to reproduce for the developers.

    I believe that once we get the next version of 1Password for iOS out that you should find the combination of Folder Sync for the Macs and Wi-Fi Sync for the iOS device will work and allow you to keep all these devices in sync without using any cloud service.

  • Awesome thanks much! You guys rock...have the sync working well via Folder Sync.

  • JacobJacob

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    @tomhargrave On behalf of the epic littlebobbytables, you are welcome. We love helping folks out. We love other things too, but that's our main goal. :sunglasses: Let us know if you need anything else, and enjoy your Folder Sync this fine new year.

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