I cannot remember my master password.

I did not even start putting anything in. need to start over. I would like to start over on my phone. I have an iPhone

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  • @lenapumber - You posted this in the Mac section, but then you say that you are wanting to start over with the iPhone application. For the iPhone, you would simply delete the application from your device. Any data will also be deleted, just as would be the case for any iOS application. Then download a fresh copy and you can start over.

    If you also need to start over with the application on a Mac, you should follow the directions here: How do I start over with an empty vault? Note that those directions a slightly different, depending on whether your copy of 1Password came from the Mac App Store or from the AgileBits web store.

  • I did that and was able to start over. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use it. I added one favourite but can't add anything else. I've checked every option from settings to favourites to logins. Nothing makes sense. Is the a video tutorial in this app? I would like to use it but so far it's been very frustrating.

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    It will be time well spent to read the iOS User Guide from the 1Password Support site.

    Since this thread is only about the iOS application. I am going to move it to that section of the forum, It will be more likely to offer help to others when it's posted in the appropriate section. Hope you don't mind.

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    Hi @lenapumber! Glad hawkmoth was able to help out here. :) I also highly recommend the user guides. We spend lots of time hand-crafting them to clear things up and describe the features of the apps. If you have any feedback on them, feel free to let us know.

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