Using 1Password as a Launcher

(difference between Mac and Windows versions?)
I have been using 1Password for Mac for a few years now and just decided to replace RoboForm on my Windows PC with 1Password for Windows. I love 1Password and it works well under Windows with one exception.

On the Mac, I tend to keep 1Password open and unlocked and use it as a launcher. I can double-click a Login Title and 1Password will open the site and fill the login information, i.e. "Go and Fill Login". On the Windows PC I can double-click a Login Title and 1Password will open the site but does not automatically fill. At that point I can invoke the 1Password browser plug-in to compete the login, but that is an extra step.

Did I miss something in the 1Password for Windows Preferences?



  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Nope, that's just how 1Password for Windows currently works.

    Please see Using a saved Login item in the Tutorials section of the user's guide:

    The easiest way to use a saved Login item is through the “go & fill” feature 1Password adds to your browser.

    Note that pressing Ctrl+\ in your browser may be even easier, depending on whether you prefer keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks.

    The "Double-clicking a listed Login" subheading directly addresses the usage model you mention.
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    Thanks, sorry I missed the "Double-clicking a listed Login" subheading in the user guide.

    I have used the "go & fill" feature but on the Mac have found it easier to work from the main 1Password window because all of the Vaults, Folders and Logins are visible and a little easier to navigate. Any chance this feature could be added in a future release of 1Password for Windows?
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    You should be able to navigate folders in the 1Password extensions for Internet Explorer and Firefox:


    If you're using the 1Password extension for Chrome, just click the All Logins button, and start typing any portion of the Login's title or location:


    As for the differences between the Mac and Windows editions and whether they'll continue to look different, please see Why doesn't 1Password for Windows look like 1Password 3 on my Mac? in the FAQ section of the user's guide.
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