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When will 1password for android support multiple vaults?

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  • saadsaad

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    We will be rolling out multiple vaults support for 1Password for Teams in the next beta update. From there, we will review supporting multiple vaults for local vaults (Dropbox and local storage sync) - which I feel is also important to have.

  • juaniijuanii
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    So... no multiple vaults for the long awaited new beta? :angry: and from what I see in other threads, also there's no OPVault support. I get Teams is the new thing, but I think multiple vaults got several orders of magnitude more votes than Teams... Personally, I'm waiting for it to buy the premium version since... the first day the app was released I think.

    I know your policy of no-release-dates, but for better expectations management it would be great if there was something like a public roadmap with features for future releases. No dates, no strict ordering, but at least a hint on what you're planning/working on. Specially for Android, considering its huge feature disparity compared to other platforms.

  • periperi

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    The upcoming beta will indeed support multiple vaults in the form of 1Password for Teams. However, as Saad mentioned, multiple vaults won't be supported for local vaults in this beta.

    We do understand the importance of multiple vault support, and we hope to support it for local (non-Teams) vaults as well.

    As far as what we're working on, our main goal is feature parity. However, we also have to balance that with bug fixes, and other issues. We're planning on moving to a faster release cycle, so that should help with seeing the changes as they happen. :)

  • So basically you are working hard on your next monetization model while leaving paying customers with a half finished product and promise of a beta. Nice.

  • periperi

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    1Password 4 for Android has always been free to use with the option of purchasing the Premium features. We offer a 30 day trial period during which users have full capabilities before deciding if they'd like to purchase the app. There's certainly work to be done, but we've come a long way since 1Password Reader, and we're very proud of our Android app.

    That said, the next update to 1Password will have several improvements. Unfortunately multiple vault support for local vaults is not going to be on that list. There will be support for syncing multiple vaults with Teams, though, which will also be a part of the update.

  • I love how you guys trot out the free argument.

    Why is one password for android free? Is it because it lets you sells a desktop version for $50? Is 1password for android really usable without spending money on the desktop version?

    Your customers aren't mad because we downloaded a free app and it doesn't work properly. They are mad because they sent $50 - $80 on the 1password ecosystem and it's a painful experience on the computing device they carry with them all the time.

    Your competitors are giving us a better experience across all platform while charging less, while you are busy ignoring your userbase and working on your next monetization model. Funny how multiple vaults for teams isn't a big deal, I wonder if you guys would be that proactive if it didn't cost us anything.

    Good luck on you SAAS offering, I'm sure everyone in the android forum is jumping up and down at the opportunity to give agilebit more money.

  • brentybrenty

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    So basically you are working hard on your next monetization model while leaving paying customers with a half finished product and promise of a beta. Nice.

    @faisal233: That doesn't even make any sense. All 1Password for Android users (paid and free) will benefit from the improvements we're making. There won't be a separate "1Password for Teams" app. keep in mind that 1Password for Teams was built from the ground up for multiple vaults. The 1Password app itself was designed with a single vault in mind. I hope that helps clarify things!

  • We do understand the importance of multiple vault support, and we hope to support it for local (non-Teams) vaults as well.

    I believe you, but honestly I have a hard time doing it :) I can't know for sure but given Teams is a very new feature, I'd bet a small fraction of customers are using it or have requested new features compared to the number of customers already using multiple local vaults, who have requested the feature many times and for a very long time. Somewhere else I've read you actually use the feature requests posted here as 'votes' which, in some degree, define the features for next releases. Of course it's your choice what to implement first (or at all) but this somehow shows the weight of user requests in the process. Maybe, as @faisal233 said, the the need to push a new service based on recurrent payments is stronger.

    As far as what we're working on, our main goal is feature parity. However, we also have to balance that with bug fixes, and other issues.

    I'm aware the final goal is feature parity. But the last big update was like 9 months ago, and when we're 1 month away from the next beta we learn we won't see some heavily requested features. What I was suggesting was to publish something more like a roadmap. This way we get an idea of what's coming in the next release. I understand you can't publish top secret features, but given Android is far behind the other platforms, you could still fill the roadmap with pending features to catch up with the other platforms.

    We're planning on moving to a faster release cycle, so that should help with seeing the changes as they happen. :)

    I'm glad you are. I feel this is how it should've been since the beginning (you're _Agile_Bits :))


  • periperi

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    Thanks for the friendly feedback, @juanii. :) I certainly understand your points, and agree with you on most counts. Faster release cycles should help with both achieving and maintaining feature parity, as well as allowing users to get an idea of our general roadmap.

    We still don't have an ETA for multiple vault support for local vaults, but I think that when the next update comes out, you will get an idea of where we're headed.

  • Just want to pitch in here in the most moderate manner possible. Have been waiting for multiple vault support on android for quite a while. I've dug through threads back to like 2013 where people have been asking for this feature. Three years later, not only still nothing, but no roadmap and a guarantee that it won't even be looked at until the teams piece has been completed.

    Not having multiple vaults on android has screwed me over on multiple occasions and honestly made me wish that I just used the same old insecure password for everything. Here's an extreme example. I was traveling recently and my girlfriend and I were headed to a place that we were going to volunteer at. Unfortunately, we had missed a bus and needed to let our host know we would be late. So I went to log in to the website through which we could contact the host, and pulled up 1pass, which I have paid for premium on mac, iOS, and android at this point. But since the password for this site was in a shared vault which I use with my girlfriend for sites that we both need access to, I was completely out of luck. There was nothing at all that I could do about it. It was a really rough situation and ended quite poorly -- and that's only one example of many.

    This single lack of a feature has driven me to rage and screwed with my life so many times that I am ready to switch services, and just installed Dashlane to try it out, because I know their password sharing system works. Even if I am on someone else's phone, I can still log in to the web interface to get my passwords. With 1pass, I'm just not as confident that I will be able to access my passwords when I need them, and that is quite literally the most important feature to most users. The security is great, but people are not going to take this when they have to face potentially being locked out of their own accounts in exchange. And even worse, the times where they will be locked out are almost always the most dire ones (when you have no access to internet, a computer, your own devices, etc).

    I know that the teams thing is exciting, and chances are since it's an additional potential revenue stream, as other users have pointed out, it's going to take priority over anything else that is not another revenue stream, because thats how software management works. But I just wanted to add my view as a paying customer in the process of leaving the service only because of the lack of this one feature. If this comment ever reaches anyone who actually calls the shots on priorities, remember that while growth is exciting and of course important, leaving large numbers of your existing customers high and dry for literally years in order to chase more revenue just could not possibly be the path to success.

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    Thank you for sharing that story, @jescalan. You're right, that sucks and we can do better.

    I wrote a response in the beta forum to a similar question that I'd like to repost here as I think it captures my feelings quite well:

    There's not much more I can say than what I've already said. I agree with you, the pace of Android development has been too slow and I'd like it to be faster.

    Of course, I could point out that it is the iOS and OS X profits that are paying for Android development and we needed to grow our reserves before tripling the size of the Android team, but I'm afraid that will come off as defensive and I don't mean it that way. I could also point out that the tools and frameworks available on iOS are more powerful than what's historically been available on Android. And of course, we could also talk about fragmentation, but again I really don't want this to come off as defensive. I simply want to point out that there's a lot more that goes into development for different platforms. It would be easy for me to kick our Android developers, but I don't think that is fair. There's many things that have caused it to be slower.

    We're working through it and when you try 1Password 6 I think you'll agree that we're absolutely investing into Android. We'll get there.

    I'm very happy to have version 6 released so we can continue development on the next update. I've asked the team for smaller, more frequent updates, and I think this will help a lot with managing expectations and keeping the team focused. Version 6 was a huge release that took longer than we wanted, so we needed to remove some features so we could get it out the door. It's a huge step forward and I didn't want to make everyone wait while we added even more.

    As for Multiple Vaults specifically, as Brenty pointed out, in many ways we are close to having this feature implemented already. The UI portion is already taken care of thanks to the work done on the teams side of things, so I hope it's not a monumental undertaking to add the backend portion. With that said, having worked on the sync code for iOS and Mac, I know it's not a trivial matter so I'm not comfortable giving out a time line for this feature.

    We're working our way towards feature parity and we know it's going to be a long journey. Especially since the other platforms keep moving forward, too!

    In any event, thanks again for sharing your story. It was very helpful.

  • @dteare While I understand the effort it takes for Android development, what is irking PAYING customers is that this feature has been promised since v4. And now you guys finally add this feature in but only for TEAM accounts, which is a newer feature to 1Password than multiple vaults in the first place. I'm upset and disappointed that this feature is still not "technically available" on Android. I recently switched from iOS to Android, and had I known that multiple vault support was STILL not available I likely would not have purchased the premium features right away.

    2 years guys. There are no excuses any more. You managed to implement Nexus Imprint for 1Password before multiple vaults. As far as I know, and you guys have said on many occasions, this is THE MOST requested feature for Android. Yet we are still waiting...


  • I'm optimistic that the Teams update provides a vault switching architecture that support for multiple local vaults can build on. Is that true? It'd be nice to hear that 6.0 at least made substantial behind-the-scenes progress.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    I can totally see where you are coming from, @bgallagh3r. And believe me, I feel your frustration as well. I would absolutely love to have feature parity across all the platforms. It's where we're trying to get to, at least in terms of features as the implementations and approaches often have to be different. It has been a long journey already and its one that will continue.

    From my stand point, there are three things that make the lack of Multiple Vaults incredibly frustrating.

    First, the very fact that you're unable to access some of your most critical data is a real pain in the ass. I think @jescalan did a great job explaining how painful this is in his post above, and I go into more detail how to workaround this later on below.

    Second, the sheer amount of time that has elapsed since this feature was added to iOS and Mac is simply too long. The worry is that it will take an equally long time to actually complete it and that worry is enough to make anyone's head spin. I tried to shed some light on the delays in my post above. Combined with some false starts, the delays quickly grew. There's not much more I can say about this other than that and that we have made several changes over the last 9 months that should help here. Including me switching to Android so I can better understand where the team is at.

    Third, there is a feeling that the priorities are not correct, and that's the one I'd like to go into more detail here.

    Setting Priorities

    Before we start, please keep in mine that I'm not trying to be defensive here. We deserve to take a few lumps and bruises for being so late with this feature and quite frankly with others as well. So please don't take any of my statements as being defensive. I simply want to shed some light on where we're coming from.

    In general priorities are hard to talk about publicly as there are a lot of things that go into choosing them. Some features are more focused than others and can be completed much quicker and with low risk. Other features are given priority and end up being much more difficult than we originally planned and need to be deferred or pared down.

    Then there's always the "marketing" angle. There are things that the press enjoys writing about, and when these line up with what many of our users are asking for, it makes sense to prioritize them. Fingerprint Unlock is a great example here. Combined with the fact it was a focused task with minimal disruption to other parts of the app, Fingerprint Unlock was a great feature for 6.0.

    When we look at Multiple Vaults, there's a lot more going on there. Everything from the storage layer to the sync layer to the UI needed to be changed, and there was a large potential for disruption across the entire app. It's certainly a challenge we plan on revisiting but it couldn't make it into 6.0.

    You also raised Teams and that certainly required a lot of work. One of the differences there is we needed teams as a stepping stone sooner than later as it will help in many other areas. As @cainlevy speculated, we are able to build on what we've started with Teams, including Multiple Vaults. We now have a really nice UI implemented for switching between vaults and when we reevaluate Multiple Vaults, a large portion of the original work has already been completed.

    In general I want the team to give us more frequent, focused releases so we can take steps on our journey instead of waiting for giant leaps. It makes a lot of things easier, and hopefully as these releases come out you'll enjoy them as well.

    I know you don't agree with our choices for priorities at this moment. I can only hope that when you see things rollout throughout this year you will come to agree that we had a plan. Perhaps even a good plan! Whether or not it is the best plan will always be open to debate, but as long as you can see it as being at least "good" I will be happy :)

    Now, the natural next question is "when?". This is something I just can't answer, and I'm sure it's infuriating to hear me say that. Let me explain why I refuse to talk about dates: Every single time I've made explicit promises over the last decade it has come back to haunt me. Every time. Even when we completed the feature ahead of schedule, it didn't always match people's expectations and it would end up burning me. It's just something I've learned the hard way about software development and managing external expectations, so I have no choice but to keep mum on this subject.

    How To Use Multiple Vaults Today

    While I can't tell you when Multiple Vaults for self-managed vaults will be ready, I can tell you how you can use it in Teams. Teams is the same 1Password you know and love, but we manage the vaults for you so you don't need to setup any third party sync service or manually sync via WI-Fi.

    I'm using using Multiple Vaults on Android today and it's really nice. I have a full blog post I'm publishing later this week about how I'm using teams to manage 19 vaults on my Nexus 6P, and I really think you'll enjoy it.

    Assuming you have a Mac or Windows 10, you can easily move your existing items into your teams vaults (more details in this blog post), and when I publish my Nexus 6P unboxing post later this week, you'll see how easy it is to setup on Android.

    In sum, while Multiple Vaults for non-team vaults is something we'd love to have, Teams is a great workaround to get this feature in the interim. You can signup your team for free here. You can always move your data back out of teams in the future if desired, but with any luck, you'll discover why we're so excited about Teams during this process. If you don't, then it's no worry; it's easy to move data between vaults, teams or otherwise.

    I hope that helps. Take care,

    –Dave Teare
    AgileBits Founder

  • cainlevycainlevy
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    I would whole-heartedly accept Teams as a replacement for Multiple Vaults, but the naming and subscription model seem to target enterprises, not families. If y'all could think about making 1P4T free for the first few users, it might lay this issue to rest and also provide a great onboarding experience for users who then turn around and advocate for 1P4T at their day jobs.

    ... I should go post that in the right forum.


  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    @cainlevy: It's great to hear you're liking the idea of Teams.

    You're absolutely right, as the website stands today, Teams does indeed seem closer to companies instead of families. The reason for this is not that we don't think families can use it, but rather it's because we believe so strongly that families need these features that we plan on having a page dedicated entirely towards families. We specially called the new features "for Teams" instead of "for Business" because we know teams of all shapes and sizes will love these features, especially families :)

    Now the thing is, I'm dying here wanting to spill the beans on an awesome announcement that we have planned, but we have to finish a few remaining tasks before I'm allowed to say anything. We just need a bit more time to dot a few j's and cross a few f's, but I hope to share this news soon. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and our newsletter to be among the first to hear the good news.

    Take care,



    I totally want 1password for android to support multiple vaults, but there is a workaround if your vaults are stored in dropbox - you simply use web interface to dropbox, and you can view that 2nd or 3rd vault you share with other people. Just goto, navigate to folder where you store your vault - should end in .agilekeychain, and bookmark it. Click on 1Password.html which shows vault, enter password, and you have read-only access to all your passwords.

    For example, I have this dropbox folder bookmarked in chrome:

  • periperi

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    Thanks for sharing your 1PasswordAnywhere workaround, @chadn!

  • @chadn and @peri

    This is not a work around at all! Having to use PasswordAnywhere for multiple vaults on android is insulting and not an option. After being a loyal customer (purchased Mac, iOSx2, Windows) versions of 1Password; it's time for me to start looking elsewhere at the alternatives and not put all my eggs (passwords) in one basket anymore. It's sad when a platform/customer base consistently gets ignored. Looks like OSX, iOS, and (biz) subscriptions is the mission now. Thanks for the ride...

  • MattikMattik
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    Will it be possible to sync multiple opVaults on Android / Dropbox?

  • periperi

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    Hi @louisl. chadn's 1PasswordAnywhere workaround might work well for some, and if so, that's great! I'm sorry that it isn't a good option for you, though. Multiple vault support for local vaults is something we'd love to have on Android in the future. :) I recommend taking a look at Dave's post above, which explains where we are and what options for syncing multiple vaults we currently have on Android.

    @Mattik. Multiple vaults are not currently supported for local vaults on Android. We are hoping to add support for OPVault on Android in the future, and you can certainly sync multiple vaults using Teams or Families if you like. I recommend having a look at Dave's post, which explains where we are with multiple vaults. :)

  • beirnebeirne Junior Member

    Today I thought I'd take advantage of some of the new features of 1Password and set up a second vault. I got it going right away on my Mac but then figured I would should try it on my Android devices before moving accounts over. I was disappointed to find that the feature is not available on Android. I have always appreciated that 1Password is not Apple-only, and that is one of the reasons I have used it so long but I would prefer that the Android version keep feature parity.

  • periperi

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    Hey @beirne. We hear you. :) Feature parity is definitely a goal of ours, and we'd love to support syncing multiple local vaults in the future.

    For now, multiple vaults are supported on Android by way of 1Password for Families and Teams.

    Let us know if you have any other feedback!

  • It's just beating around the bush.

    Plain question: Will you support Multiple Local Vaults on Android and when? Or are you trying to push us to Teams account while beating around the bush and never support it on Android?

  • brentybrenty

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    It's just beating around the bush.

    @boraunal: Nope! :)

    Plain question: Will you support Multiple Local Vaults on Android and when?

    While we'd like to support multiple vaults in 1Password for Android, since we're focused on 1Password Teams/Families and beta testing OPVault support we don't have a time frame for this feature.

    Or are you trying to push us to Teams account while beating around the bush and never support it on Android?

    Not at all. No beating around the bush here: this is something we'd like ourselves, but we're focused on other things right now, as I mentioned above. I hope that helps clarify things.

  • I'd be happy to pay for this feature when it lands on an Android Pro plan or an Android Pro++ plan ;). This feature is the only one keeping my wife and I from buying Pro plans on ios and android. I will echo other users that a team plan that requires monthly payments will probably be a deal breaker for my family long term. The product has been great so far but I'd have to reevaluate the competition if monthly payments are the only way to share passwords for families.

    Fwiw, the workaround suggested by @chadn doesn't work for me as my dropbox folder doesn't have a 1password.html. Perhaps it's because I'm using 1 Password 5

    Aside from this one major feature, loving the product and its UI.
    Cheers, Gabriel

  • Forgot to mention, a workaround that doesn't cost anything is to open a shared google account and use google's password manager Obviously it's suboptimal to keep shared passwords in another program but at least the experience is smooth on Chrome for a desktop and an Android device

  • periperi

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    Thanks for the :+1:@cldwalker. Indeed, we have discontinued 1PasswordAnywhere, so that workaround won't work for a lot of people anymore. I'll pass your feedback along to the team!

  • AgileBits has become just another company that over promises and under delivers. Almost two years ago multi vault on the Android was on the horizon. What did we get instead: $60 per year just to have multiple vaults on an android; this is not a good investment, particularly as there is a very good chance you will change the offering to something else as soon as people rely on your software.

    I bought the software because it works well on a MAC, but I have an android phone. I keep track of my client logins (well over 400) by using the multiple vaults. Oh, wait, while in the field I can't access them on my phone. I need to carry a macbook or buy an iPAD or pay you every month after paying you for the software. ... Ironic considering Androids are outselling iPhones.

    Every week I am asked what software to use to maintain passwords. Well, 1Password no longer passes as an answer.

  • periperi

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    Hi @IndigoLightning. First let me say that I hear your frustration at not having multiple vault support outside of Families and Teams. We work hard to make our customers happy, so it's especially disappointing for us when we fall short of that goal.

    The reason for that is exactly as you point out. If we're unable to deliver on something, it leads to disappointment. Because of that, we try to avoid any concrete statements about what features to expect in the future. Please have a look at Dave's post above which goes into greater detail about multiple vault support on Android.

    Thanks for voicing your opinion and letting us know how you feel. I hope Dave's explanation shines a little light on where we are at the moment. Let us know if you need anything else!

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