Incomplete data when opening existing vault

I have been testing the Win10 beta side-by-side with my Windows Desktop version of 1Password (v4.6.0598) and in doing so I've found a number of items that don't have full data in the Win10 Beta.

Here are a few examples:

  • Password generated on 2015-05-28 shows in Desktop but has no details in Win10 Beta
  • WiFi router details created on 2011-07-17 shows Base Station Name, Network Name, Security Type and Password in Desktop but no details in Win10 beta
  • My passport details can be seen in Desktop but not Win10 Beta (created 2010-10-19, updated 2012-09-11)

I have around 200 items like this (of my around 600 items), some of which are shown with a warning icon in Win10 Beta and state that they are an unknown Item Type (although not all do).

If I try and edit any of these items they don't have any fields, the 'editor surface' in the app is just blank.

I'm still using an Agile Keychain vault type with the app (if that makes any difference).

1Password Version: 2016.1.1200
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Dropbox, OneDrive


  • @aaronpowell there are few unfinished tasks with .agilekeychain and some item categories (the ones that show unknown item type). We are working to fix most of them in coming updates, thanks for bringing these issues on top!

  • But Passport for example does work if I create it via Teams, so it's supported. Would it be better to convert from agilekeychain to OPVault (that's the new one right?)?

  • I was not clear when I said "not supported", I meant "not supported by Windows Modern app". Conversion to .opvault might help a bit and it's good in other ways (+20 performance, +100 security). I can not tell exactly when these item categories will be supported, but I can tell this issue is on top and will be addressed soon.

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