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I notice if I enter URL address without http or https, the Browser button is disabled. Is this the designed or bug?

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  • The Browser is a relatively new addition, so there are still a list of items we're looking to implement. Thank you for finding this issue, I'll make sure the development team know about it.

    Thanks for your feedback, it really helps us.
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  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I believe it's designed, @hubpf, on the principle that 1Password should warn you of opening against opening a web site as HTTP when you've saved it as HTTPS. I know 1Password 4 for Windows still requires inclusion of the protocol in your saved Login items, whereas 1Password for Mac does not.

    We're looking at this as one of the ways in which we can make the 1Password experience more consistent across all supported platforms, and it'd be useful to know your preference.

    Thank you for using 1Password!

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