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Hi there!

I just wanna say thank you for the great windows phone app. I switched to windows mobile from android, so i was looking for a new pw manager since my last one does not offer a windows mobile app.
I was very surprised when i saw that 1password is already able to use the iris scanner from the lumia 950. It's so cool!
You are the one and only password app which is so feauture rich and well designed on windows mobile.

I would like to share some must-have feautures for the future:

  1. Being able to pin every element (for example a login information) on the startscreen.
    Clicking on the Tile will instantly bring up the selected page in the app.

  2. Being able to define how long the windows authentification (pin+biometric) will be active.
    For example I want to use only the biometric login without my master password completely for the entire time. (Not only when the app is in memory as stated in the app settings).

  3. Being able to define if synch should be only done on wifi or also on mobile data.

  4. Being able to define if synch should be automatically done when I start the app.

  5. German language would be great.

  6. Delete, Add, Review Elements in my vault. Being able to highlight elements as favorites.

Thank you for reading my suggestions.

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  • @monk32 thanks for your feedback we appreciate it :)

    1. this is good one, I'll double check that we do have it in todo list
    2. yes, we are exploring few options how to make this happen while keeping your security top notch
    3. network and battery statuses are important and we are aiming to take it into account with future updates
    4. our goal is to make sync as much invisible as possible, ideally you should not notice it at all and always be up to date with your vaults
    5. Ja
    6. these are on the list

    Please keep feedback coming, it helps us to make better product for you!

  • WOW! Thank you for such a fast feedback! I am really happy that I have found you! Looking forward to it! Thanks!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Thanks so much for the feedback, @monk32, and welcome to the 1Password family!

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