Where is my icon??

The 1Password as if to save my data, but I have no icon on firefox bar
I just bought bundle of 1Password for Mac and Windows. It works for Mac. On Windows, when I login to my email account,1Password ask if I want it to save, so looks like it's integrated, but I can't see any icon on FireFox tool bar. On FireFox on Mac I can see it just above URL window. Any ideas where to look for it or how to make it appear same as on Mac? Thanks


  • bswinsbswins Agile Customer Care
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    Hello luka,

    Welcome to the Forums! I'm sorry you are having an issue with the FireFox icon in Windows.

    Please try the suggestions listed in AgileBits' following help article: 1P button missing from browser toolbar

    Let us know how it goes.



    Please note the comment stating that 64-bit FireFox cannot use the 1P extension.
  • Thank you. Now it works.
  • bswinsbswins Agile Customer Care
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    Fantastic! I'm glad everything is working for you now.

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