First, a word on Synapse. I've filed several reports about difficult websites there, but have never received a "bug fixed" email. So I feel the system is not good. Hopefully you can solve issue better in here forums:

One significant issue is in , login page:
If you use login filling, 1Password fills the sign up form. Is this possible to fix?

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  • Hi @ollifi,

    I've taken a look at the site (thank you for the URL by the way, it really helps for understanding what you're experiencing) and what I did was I created a test Login item by following the steps in How to manually save a Login. When I did this I found it successfully filled the correct fields. When you save a new Login item from within the browser it can see which fields it should fill while if you create a Login item from inside the main 1Password window it has to guess which fields are the correct ones. The other possibility is if you created the Login item very recently and 1Password asked if you wanted to save when you registered then it would have saved the page based on your registering as again, it was looking at the fields as they were when you clicked Save Login.

    Given the site's use of a captcha here is how I would create a Login item.

    1. Visit the login page and enter my username and password, leaving the captcha empty.
    2. Follow the steps in How to manually save a Login.
    3. Edit the Login item and change the submit setting from Submit when enabled to Never submit.

    This will create a Login item that fills the correct two fields and leaves the form ready for you to enter the captcha before submitting.

    Now everything written here is based on 1Password 6 for Mac. If this isn't what you're running could you please let us know the following:

    1. What version of 1Password are you running?
    2. What is your preferred browser and the version of that browser?
    3. What version of the 1Password extension is installed?
  • Hi, thanks a lot! This worked :)

  • Excellent @ollifi :chuffed: Thank you for letting us know it helped and obviously great that we could help get you a working Login item. Should you have any other sites giving you trouble please let us know.

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