Sync in iCloud or OneDrive

I have the iOS version and can't sync in OneDrive. Will there be a possibility to sync in OneDrive for the iOS version or to sync in iCloud for the Windows 10 app?

1Password Version: Windows 10 Beta, 6.2.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 9.3 Beta, Windows 10
Sync Type: iCloud, OneDrive
Referrer: forum-search:sync between windows beta app and ios app


  • @mar0159 I can't tell when OneDrive make it to the iOS app, but I'll add your voice to that feature for sure! Same applies to iCloud in Windows 10 app. For now there are two options available to sync across iOS and Windows 10 apps - Dropbox or 1Password for Teams I'd recommend to try Teams as it provides best mix of security and convenience :)

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