Alphabetical sorting isn't maintained within Type

If I set my items to be sorted by Type, alphabetical sorting within each Type isn't done. It seems that it would be fairly standard to maintain an alphabetical sorting with Type.

I've attached an example.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    One problem would be how to specify (or on what basis 1Password should assume) which column would control the secondary sorting. The up and down triangles in the column headings are a fairly standard mechanism for specifying the primary sorting; I don't know that I've seen a mechanism for specifying the next level of sorting.

    More to the point, though: as far as I can tell, the values in both the Type column and the Location column are alphabetized correctly within the Login items that are listed in your screen shot.

    Perhaps I've misunderstood the request, though. Can you help?

    Thanks, Mike!
  • mpdharleympdharley
    edited April 2011
    Given that we have Titles which we, the user, control, that would seem to be a good guess as to the secondary sorting option instead of the location. To your second point though, I just started up 1Password, went to one of my folders, which is sorted by Type and neither by Location or Title are they sorted in any order that I can tell.

    Perhaps add this as a feature request, to have a secondary sort by Title option when sorted by Type or Modified.
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Ah, I was judging from the screen shot you attached.

    Perhaps folders are handled differently from vaults. I'll see if I can reproduce that consistently and, if so, look at it as something we might be able to look into improving in a future release.

    Thanks, Mike!
  • I can reproduce every time. Sort by type, quit and relaunch. I don't think it has ever come up sorted alphabetically within type.
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    If you want to define a secondary sort, just click on that heading before clicking on the primary sort. For example, if you want to sort by item type with items alphabetized by name within each type grouping, click on the Name column heading and then on the Type heading.

    I notice that, while the primary sort preference is retained from one session to another, folders do not seem to "remember" secondary sort preferences. I'll mention that to the developer, as I mentioned above, in case it's something we can look into improving in a future release.

    Thanks again, Mike.
  • Mike: You are correct - once you sort alphabetically, close and return the sort isn't saved. I have just 22 Login Items at the moment and I am adding new ones every day, an alphabetical sort would be a very nice addition in my opinion.


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