How can I start using Windows 10 Beta?

I downloaded it from the store...but the only options appear to be to connect to existing services I don't currently use. I have 1PW on Mac, and I tried exporting my passwords as a 1pif file, but it always just asks for the Vault password, and doesn't accept the one I use on Mac. Just turns red text that says Hint.

Is there not any way to start using this product?

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  • @Zorn it is possible that you have your vault in a folder which name ends with .agilekeychain and that this vault was created a long time ago. If that is the case, then it can be cured by changing master password on your Mac (even to the same master password), that will allow you to open vault in Windows Modern app. You may find more details here

    Hope that helps :)

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    Welcome to the forum, @Zorn!

    As @SergeyTheAgile suggests, you need to be syncing your 1Password for Mac vault to Dropbox or OneDrive (or to a folder that's accessible to the beta app on your Windows 10 device, as well). That creates the ,opvault (or .agilekeychain) folder that you can then select in the beta app.

    Please let us know how it goes!

  • I changed the master password on OS X to the same thing, then exported everything again, and it's still a 1pif file. And still 1PW for Win10 won't open it.

  • oh, I wouldn't recommend to use 1PIF for day to day sync - it's unencrypted and is designed for export in case you want your data migrated somewhere else.

    Best option is to use .opvault format, it's way more secure and efficient. You can find details here

  • Assuming I switch over to the opvault format, how would I export the passwords from my OS X side to import them into 1PW 10 on the Win10 side? Won't it still export everything as a 1PIF file?

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    Hey @zorn! The safest way to keep your passwords in sync on all your devices is to use dropbox, onedrive, or 1Password for Teams. The nice thing about this is that you won't need to manually export/import all your passwords whenever you add/change something.

    I would suggest using 1Password for teams because it will give you the power to easily manage your passwords from OSX, Win10, and through any modern browser. You can learn a bit more about it here (

    If you do decide to go with teams (and I really hope you do :)) here's how to get setup:

    • Sign up here:
    • Once you've completed the signing up launch the 1Password for Windows 10 Beta and type /jointeam in the search box
    • Enter your new Team account information

    Hopefully, you should now have your new teams account linked to 1Password :)

    Now to copy your data to your new Team

    1. Click "Select" in any vault

    2. Select few items, click "Share" and select target vault in your team

    3. Watch the progress :)

    I really hope this helps! Let us know if you have any trouble :)

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    @Zorn wrote:

    I changed the master password on OS X to the same thing, then exported everything again, and it's still a 1pif file. And still 1PW for Win10 won't open it.

    Note that the 1Password beta app does not import 1PIF files. You can open an existing .opvault or .agilekeychain folder or a 1Password for Teams vault.

  • I have a Lumia 950 (currently using it via a dock for this post) and installed 1Password (beta) as a colleague showed me 1P working on his apple phone with fingerprint recognition. It was impressive and seemed better than my current password app that works well across multiple devices via my dropbox a/c.
    After starting 1P for the first time I was a bit bemused to find I was unable to create a vault. There is the option to join a team which I gather from the previous post may be a way to get started. However I only want to use 1P for personal use, I'm not in a team, don't want to join one, dont want to create one (and have further complications in my personal data world) and am staggered that a password app doesnt have the capability of performing what appears to be the most fundamental action of any app - of allowing a new user to start using it.
    Following this up by checking other threads and there are posts confirming Win 10 versions are currently unable to create a vault for 1st time users? Is this true? I could sort-of understand it for the mobile version but not the desktop as well.
    What is the point of releasing even a beta version without this capability?

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    @ihan3, thanks so much for your interest in the 1Password!

    The beta app does not yet include the ability to create a vault. You can open an existing vault, created in 1Password on your PC or Mac or on the 1Password for Teams web site.

    While the beta app includes all the features needed to use 1Password for Teams for day-to-day operations, vault creation remains to be implemented. Please keep an eye on the release notes at the top of this forum for new builds, which will continue to include new features.

    Thanks for your patience as we continue beta development.

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