Can't sync from Mac to Android

I have an Android phone, and a Mac computer. My family has a family account, and my Mac set up fine. When I tried to sync the account to my phone using DropBox, it wasn't finding the right file, and said that it wasn't there. Also, on the app, when i first opened it it said it was 6.0.1, but when it asked to access my DropBox it said that it was 1Password 4. This was all done today. Please help!

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Sync Type: DropBox


  • periperi

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    Hi @Ellie_grace. I'll be happy to help you sync your vault with 1Password on Android.

    it sounds like the vault on your Mac is in OPVault format. 1Password on Android uses the AgileKeychain format for Dropbox and local storage sync. We don’t support the OPVault format for these sync methods yet, but this is something that we are planning on revisiting.

    We recently introduced Wi-Fi sync that uses an internal version of the OPVault format. If you wish to avoid using AgileKeychain right now, you can switch over to Wi-Fi sync on your Android device and switch to OPVault format on other platforms.

    If you prefer to stick with Dropbox, you can simply switch to AgileKeychain. 1Password on Android will locate the AgileKeychain vault in Dropbox and you should be able to sync just fine.

    Let me know how that goes! Thanks!

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