[Feature Request] Fill checking accounts

I saw an old post from 1password 3 with feature requests for the functionality to have checking accounts appear as an autofill option. I'd like to vote for this in the current version as well. It's not often that I need to fill a checking, but it is handy to have it as an option if wanted.

1Password Version: (12)
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    Hi @bmithen,

    Thanks for the request, we'll see what we can do in the future.

  • Temporary solution for entering bank account information -

    I was almost happy to confirm that this functionality is not yet "ready." I just thought I was losing my mind. Last fall I was in the process of entering checking account information that I could have sworn I had already entered, when I just happened to notice out of the corner of my eye a cleverly named folder entitled "Bank Accounts!" One click revealed not one, but two previous entries for the same checking account. There they were, resting comfortably inside and undisturbed. Unfortunately, opening the app is the only way to access the info, Soooooo...

    ... I developed a temporary (I hope) work-around. What I find works for me is to enter the info for bank accounts using the Credit Card template. I add or rename two of the fields calling them "Routing Number" and "Account Number." I came up with the names all by myself - ;-) And instead of "Bank of Choice M/C" I name the entry "Bank of Choice Chk Acct." (I came up with that too!).

    It's not a seamless solution, but at least now your account information will be readily available when needed. You have to right-click as if you were going to edit the info, and then you can copy/paste once for the account number and a second time for the routing number. It also comes in handy when doing phone transactions.

    The motivation came in the form of a $35 returned check / payment rejected fee I was hit with because I entered the routing info incorrectly!


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    Hi @CaptJon,

    Thanks for letting us know your trick with the Credit Card item.

    You shouldn't have to do that, we should make it easier for you to grab the data via the extension and we do plan to do just that. I think you'll love what we have in mind, I just wish we have a time machine to jump ahead and show it to you. :smile:

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