I bought 1Password 4 and ended up with 1Password 2?

I purchased a licence for 1Password 4 for Windows earlier this year! I still love it just as much as when I first started using it. Recently it advised me to update to version, which I did without delay. When I click on the Help>About 1Password it indicates that I have version All good so far. However, when I open 1Password - either the program or the chrome extension - it says 1Password 2 at the top. Why? If I have 1Password 4 for Windows should it not say 1Password 4? This is maybe a minor detail, but for me it is very confusing. Do I actually have version 4 or do I have version 2? Did my update not work properly? Did I purchase version 4 but download the wrong version and end up with version 2? All these questions that could be avoided if it didnt say 1Password 2 at the top of the program and said 1Password 4 as it should.

Thanks for letting me know if I need to be updating, making changes, etc, in order to get it to reflect the proper version at the top of the program/chrome extension.

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    @presidentjade: Sorry of the confusion! is the version number. "1Password 2" at the top of the window will be the name of the vault you're using. You could just as easily rename it as "1Password 11", and you'd still be using 1Password version 4 in 2016. ;)

    So you're using the latest version of both the app and the browser extension, and all you need to do is close the app, rename your vault in Windows File Explorer, and then when you open it again in the app it will be shown with the new name. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions! :)

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