How do I sync with iCloud on Windows? [Use Dropbox instead]

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  • How do I sync windows with iPhone and ipad

  • The icloud option is not appearing on my computer toshiba laptop when i want t sync to that . How is this please ?

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    @lederg: Sorry for the confusion! CloudKit (the Apple framework that 1Password and other apps use to sync data with iCloud) is not available on Windows. However, if you're only syncing 1Password data between computers, you could use iCloud Drive instead. But this is not readable by the mobile apps, so Dropbox Sync is a better option in most cases since you can use it to sync between your Mac, iOS devices, and PC. I hope this helps! :)

  • Thank you sir. I have being trying dropbox as well without success. it seams to work fine with the tosiba laptop but linking to the ipad and iphone is unsuccessful and how do i right click on an ipad or iphone ???

  • Hi @lederg,

    You won't need to right-click to change the sync method on your iPhone and iPad.

    To change the syncing method, please

    1. Open 1Password on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad),
    2. Tap Settings,
    3. Tap Sync,
    4. Select the vault you wish to change the syncing settings for, most likely the Primary Vault,
    5. Tap on iCloud Sync to change the syncing method,
    6. And then follow the steps in our guide article to set up Dropbox sync: Setting up Dropbox sync.

    I hope this helps!

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