How to change at the same time and one time Master Password on the Mac and the iPhone?

I use 1Password (version 6.2.2) for iPhone 5S (iOS 9.2.1) and 1Password (version 6.0.2) on a MacBook Pro (El Capitan 10.11.3). Whole devices syncing by the same Wi-Fi. iPhone and MBP mostly are in one the same Wi-Fi.
To this day, everything worked great! Today I wanted to change Master Password. I changed them first on the MBP ( And now as I enter it on 1Password MBP I've included a new Master Password already up and everything is OK. But the iPhone is still active old Master Password:( I have a questions: What am I doing wrong or what should I change in the action / password MasterPassword do that on the iPhone also has changed? Well but I will not manually change a Master Password on the iPhone because it makes no sense...
Please Help because I ran out of ideas and just probably erase 1Password from my iPhone 5S and install it again :). Maybe it will helps :)

1Password Version: 6.0.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: El Capitan 10.11.3
Sync Type: Wi-Fi


  • @mac1 in order for the master password change to sync from the Mac you must first open 1Password on the iPhone using the old master password. Once you've done that, and sync has taken place, you should then be able to open 1Password on the iPhone using the new master password.


  • @Stephen_C I'm sorry but the above advice is not completely proven. I followed the above procedure and performed it as you write but I still have two different passwords.
    Please kindly ask you for help.

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    Hi @mac1,

    Have you tried the new password on your iPhone yet? Once you do, the old password will no longer work. If you keep using the old password, then it won't be changed to the new one.

    The reason it works this way is so we're able to sync the master password change without actually having to send the master password through sync. The technical background on how this works is here:

    But in summary, you do need try the new one on your iPhone. Also, if you manually change the master password on your iPhone to be the same as what you use on your Mac, it's functionally equivalent. There's no need to reinstall 1Password on your iPhone.

    I hope this helps. Please reply if you have further questions.


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