How to delete locally exposed Account Keys?

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Wish I had seen this fragment in the 1Password for Teams white paper earlier:

But when 1Password for Teams has been used from a web browser, the Account Key is stored in the browser’s local data store, a fairly exposed location.

Since I had problems with my main browser (empty vaults page), I have tried several browsers on several systems. How can I safely delete the Account Keys on those systems? (Firefox and Edge on Windows 10, Safari on OS X)

1Password Version: Families
Extension Version: -
OS Version: OS X 10.11.3 & Windows 10
Sync Type: Families


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    Hi @XIII

    Did you by chance check the "this is a public or shared computer" when signing into your account? If you did, the account key is not stored locally.

    If you did not check that option then you have two options:

    1) If you are concerned the key may have already been compromised you go through recovery for your account (another team admin will need to initiate this). This will generate a new account key for you.
    2) If you are not concerned the key may have been recovered already then you can erase the browser's local cache.

    • In Firefox this is done by selecting "Offline website data" when clearing the browser history.
    • In Edge you'd check the "Cached data and files" option.
    • In Safari you want the "Remove All Website Data" option.

    I hope that helps!


  • Thanks.

    I already went for option 2 and cleaned all web data in Firefox, but I was hoping for a more granular solution (only removing 1Password data).

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the feedback, @XIII. More granular solutions may be available on a browser-by-browser basis, but I'm not familiar enough with each browser in this regard to provide detailed instructions. Sorry about that!


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