Sharing a vault by PCs via LAN [solved]

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I bought a PC and IOS license because:

"You alone use 1Password on five PCs and three tablets, all running Windows
Great! You still only need a single license. =)"

Now I learned that it's not possible via Wi-Fi. And yes, Wi-Fi only. We all learn every day that nothing is secure. I rather be discreet and selective what I share online.

So I'm looking for a workaround as it makes no sense for me to have all the nicely generated and cryptic passwords only on one PC while the others are unable to log into any of the sites.

The idea is about sharing one vault by multipe PCs over the LAN. Having access to one vault, which is sitting at a NAS, could solve the problem. Because of a file lockout only one PC might have access to the file at the same time.

Is this somethig that would qualify for a workaround??

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 7/8
Sync Type: Wi-Fi
Referrer: ug:ios/sync-over-wifi, ug:windows/sync-wifi, kb:sync-options, kb:starting-over, kb:sync-options


  • SmiteSmite
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    Ok, works like a charm.

    I don't have any hazard problems: adding on one PC will show up immediatly on all others. Same with deleting or changing data. And with the NAS the data file is always accessible from any PC.

    Now the rest of the IOS devices can be synced by Wi-Fi. :)

    Maybe you should add this option to your descriptions that there might be a way to sync more than only one PC for a Wi-Fi solution :-)

  • brentybrenty

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    @Smite: Sorry for the confusion! Since Wi-Fi Sync works between a single computer and one or more mobile devices, we don't promote it as a solution for situations like yours. After all, that leaves other computers out in the cold.

    However, as you pointed out, so long as you sync the data between computers as well, that can bridge the gap for you. Just be aware that if you're disconnected from the network storage, 1Password will fail to write to the vault there. If you always use these computers at home and don't suffer network issues, that shouldn't be a problem. But backing up your data is always a good idea.

    P.S: I also deleted your duplicate post. Cheers! :)

  • @brenty:

    Just be aware that if you're disconnected from the network storage, 1Password will fail to write to the vault there.

    Good point. For traveling I have to backup first. Gladly 1Password is giving me always options including the complete path to selecet where to store and retieve the data.

  • brentybrenty

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    Indeed! I just thought I should mention it because it's slipped my mind before as well, since my main machine is almost always on my home network. Cheers! :)

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