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  • It's some 15 pages of high res scan (of vaccination record). It's just taken with the default settings of Scanbot, I realize it's not a file storage app, but having just a handful of scans of important documents in 1Password makes sense. Yes 1Password is high-security low-datasize in nature, but it makes sense to have just a few things as attachments and the 5 MB limit feels like something out of the last century to be honest ;)

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    Hi @gandalf_saxe,

    I understand but when the program as is right now is not designed to handle large documents and it can interfere with the syncing, it is something we have to limit from the get go to prevent any potential issues in the future.

    We want to handle this better, we've already came up with a new implementation in the web-based Teams version of 1Password on how it handles documents. If it works out great, it is possible we might be able to bring it over to the local vaults as well.

  • Alright I hope you do then. It's not a big deal, but would be nice.

    Let me take the chance to also praise your work. 1Password is a really nice, elegant and good-looking password manager.

  • Hi guys,
    I am the creater of this thread.

    Like you all I also think the 5MB limit is too low. Instead of fighting the system, I changed my workflow completely and I will never go back.

    I now use 1Password for all of my passwords
    and use OneNote (in encrypted sections) for all other files/documents/information.

    OneNote + 1Password is an unstoppable combination. I hope this helps.

  • @gandalf_saxe Thanks for the kind words!

    @mia OneNote is a great app and I'm glad this works for you. Thanks for sharing the recommendation.
    For those who want to know more about password-protected notes in OneNote, please read Tip: Password protect OneNote notes on Microsoft's Office blog.

  • I'm here to join the '5-mb-is-way-too-low' queue.

    Your motto says 'Your data, all your devices, your choice', yet your policy stops us from storing our data in the way we want it to be stored. What a shame.

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    @elenielamg: Yep! You get to decide where your vault is stored: on a single device, or on many; in the cloud, or locally.

    Keep in mind that 1Password is a password manager, not a general purpose file storage app. We'll definitely reconsider the attachment file size limit going forward, but we're not likely to remove the limit completely...and we'll always focus on making 1Password better at what it's meant to do, rather than trying to make it be all things to all people. ;)

  • @brenty AFAIC most people in this thread just ask 1Password team to increase the file size limit (to 10 or 20 mb), not remove it completely.

    Strangely, there is no global limit on vault's size. Meaning that I can store as many files as I want as long as they don't exceed 5mb limit individually (see example attached). And this is where it gets annoying: I can securely store my 7.2mb document but developers/marketers decided I can only do that as long as I split it in half.

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    @elenielamg: Indeed, if we limit the vault size, then at some point you might end up in a situation where you cannot save a new login (I think many of us are way beyond that). I think that would be much more dire than not being able to add attachments of any size to login items, though I know that doesn't help you when you're trying to add large files. :(

  • @brenty Anyway, thanks for your prompt replies. 1Password is the best password/login manager for OSX/iOS I've seen so far. Having file-size limit increased will make it even better. Have a nice day :)

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    Hi @elenielamg,

    On behalf of Brenty, you're welcome and thank you for your feedback on our product.

    Have a nice day to you as well.

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    Hi @wkleem,

    We're providing that support already via the Documents feature in 1Password for Family and 1Password for Teams, it includes 1GB of secure documents. For now, we're not planning any file size limit (other than the 1GB plan limit) but there may be one right now while the Teams is in beta, we're slowly phasing it out to make sure it is all good.

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