TestFlight iOS beta app 1password [resolved: received invitation and installed beta]

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Hi, I accidentally deleted the beta subscription. You can postpone invitation for TestFlight Apple iPhone. thank you


  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @lbastelli,

    I accidentally deleted the beta subscription.

    Did you install the stable version of 1Password for iOS, replacing the beta build?

    You can postpone invitation for TestFlight Apple iPhone.

    Would you like to stop receiving 1Password for iOS beta builds from TestFlight and be removed from the beta testing program?

    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding what happened and what you'd like to do. Thanks in advance for more details about how we can best help you. :)

  • I installed my reasons for the stable version, but I was wrong to make the stop to test TestFlight. Now I would like to try the beta, but I need your invitation. thank you

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Thanks for explaining, @lbastelli.

    To receive an invitation please send email to [email protected] and include:

    • Your iTunes account email address (the one you use to make purchases from the App Store)
    • Your forum username

    Those are also in the instructions here:

    Joining the 1Password for iOS Beta

    If you did receive an invitation before and never accepted it, please also mention that in your email to help get this sorted out for you quicker. Thanks!

  • hello I sent it via email yesterday morning but I get no invitation email TestFlight

  • WinnieWinnie 1Password Alumni

    Hi @lbastelli,

    I answered you email and hope that resolves your problem.


  • installed beta thank you so much

  • sjksjk oversoul

    Team Member

    On Winnie's behalf, you're most welcome. Glad to hear you've received the invitation and successfully installed the beta!

    I've closed this thread now that the issue you reported here has been resolved. Please start a new one with bug reports and other feedback on the beta, or if we can help you with anything else.

    Happy beta testing! :)

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