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I just saw the recent update that add all Vaults support to android. And I have to say Agilebits made my morning again (its (08:53 in Germany atm). I really love it especially the feature to turn off vaults that are than not included into the all vaults view. But could you maybe add something like an option to set the default Vault when unlocking the App :) Also is the all vaults view the default one when using the keyboard to fill logins?


The option is especially useful to me because I have one families vault for me that is the trash bin and so I don't have to see all my deleted Items in all vaults view. (sorry I don't now why this is bold :( )

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  • Hello,
    some questions from my side:

    • All vaults means OP Vault also?
    • How is the best way to switch to this new format?
    • Do you have an instruction guide for the switch?
    • Is there something to consider for this change?
    • Will the sync working across all systems (Mac, iOS, Android)?
    • Can I use the webpage-login inside Dropbox also?
    • Is there something what is inferior than the old AgileKeychain format?
      Thank you
  • @Philipp No it does not mean that the android app now has opvault support. This 'all vaults' only means that you can see all the items from all your team/families vaults in one view witch is called the all vaults view.

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    @Philipp I’m so sorry for the confusion. Since the release of 1Password 6.0 for Android, we introduced support for multiple vaults in 1Password for Teams and Families accounts. All vaults is a recently added feature in the beta that allows you to view all of your items across different vaults in a single place. It’s sort of like having a single big vault.

    We don’t have support for OPVault sync format on Android yet, but you can still sync your devices now. The available sync options are listed here in this thread:

    Alternatively, 1Password for Families is an excellent solution. With 1Password for Families, everyone gets the simple, convenient security of 1Password, and you get the tools you need to control and manage access to your most important information. You don’t have to worry about sync methods anymore because our servers will sync all of your data for you. You also get access to all of our 1Password apps across multiple platforms, and we even include a web portal that lets you access your data in a web browser! We have designed 1Password for Families to be much more secure. Please have a look through our web page if you're interested in learning more. :)

    I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Thank you both for your clarification.

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    You're very welcome! :)

  • I've found a little bug with All Vaults - sometimes when resuming the app, favorites screen is empty. I have to open navigation panel and tap Favorites for the items to show up.

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    That doesn't sound good @revanmj. Thanks for reporting it! I haven't experienced this problem on my device yet, but I like to look into it further. Could you provide me with a set of steps so I can make this problem appear on my device?

  • Unfortunately I can't reliably reproduce this. I only know this:

    • Problem is not visible for a day or two after a fresh install. Favorites always load fine during this time.
    • After a few days, when you launch the app after not using it for a while, favorites screen sometimes comes up empty
    • The longer time since installation, the more often this happens.
    • Seems to be somehow connected to the fingerprint issue (where after longer period of not using the app it looks like it's scanning, but it's not and you have to reopen scanning dialog for it to start working again). When that happens, favorites screen is always empty. But this scenario is also hard to reproduce reliably.

    I'm using Family plan with an empty local vault (disabled from the All Vaults settings) if that helps.

  • I'm having some trouble parsing this. My wife and I are using my 5-person family license, not the new Teams/Families feature. I have a vault. She has a vault. Both are sync'd via Dropbox. She shared her Dropbox folder with me, and I can see (on my Mac and iOS, but not Android) both my vault and her vault.

    Although I do plan to sign up for the new Families deal, before I do that, is there a way on the Android app to view / manipulate multiple vaults sync'd via Dropbox such as we currently have.

    I understand that the new Family sharing scheme allows sharing of selected items from my vault with other family members. Can I have multiple non-shared vaults the way I think I can now on OS X and iOS?

  • Found some other thread that clarified that multiple vaults handled in Mac and iOS are not yet in the Android product. Still hoping for multiple vaults even with my imminent subscription to Families (which I think is just another "flavor" of Teams as far as the app is concerned).

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    @RonHeiby I apologize for the confusion. All Vaults and Multiple Vaults features are only supported for Teams/Families accounts on Android. This feature is not yet supported for Agilekeychain data folders via Dropbox and local storage sync.

    1Password for Families allows you to create vaults and choose who you want to share the vault with. You can choose to share it with specific people, everyone or just keep it to yourself. :)

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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