i just lost all my data since i update from 1password 4 to version 6 on mac...

I had !password 4 on my Macbook pro with OS X Yosemite. i also have my iPhone synchronized with my mac.. but since i ran an update to version 6, i lost all my data on my mac and is asking me to create a new vault, like it was my first installation. i decided to make a clean installation on my mac with the last version (6). now i need to transfer my data from my 1password (on my iPhone) to my mac. any help?

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OS Version: OS X Yosemite
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    Hi @Inciarte,

    I'm sorry you had issues upgrading. If this ever happens again, please let us know before making a clean installation. There may be something we can do.

    To bring your data back to your Mac, you simply need to turn on Sync again. In 1Password on your Mac, open the preferences and click on Sync. Set your vault to sync using the same method as on your iPhone. To check the sync method on your iPhone, tap Settings, Vaults, Your vault name, and it will show you.

    When you set the Sync method on your Mac, it will ask you to merge your data. Click Merge. This will download the data from the sync location and insert it into your vault.

    If you run into trouble or need further assistance, please let us know right away with the sync method you are using, and we'll do our best to help you out.


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