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I installed the 1password beta windows 10 app. First time I open it up it asks me to sign in or open a vault. I choose to sign in since I have a families. It connects to the correct vault opens up and everything is fine. But when I try to open the app again it asks for the master key, and insists that the key I provide is incorrect, which is incorrect. The key works fine on the page. So to be able to use the program I have to uninstall it, and install it again each time I want to access the vault which is kind of annoying. Viewing the vault on the page is not good enough either since it does not display all items in the vault. Why does 1password beta not accept my master password?

1Password Version: 1Password Beta
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
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  • brentybrenty

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    @Hjalti: The 1Password for Windows 10 beta app will unlock using the Master Password of the first vault or account you setup. For example my first vault is one stored in Dropbox, so the app unlocks using that Master Password, not those of my 1Password Families/Teams accounts. Does that help?

    Alternatively, do you perhaps have special characters in your Master Password which may be interpreted differently in Windows than they are in the browser? Please let me know what you find!

  • @brenty: Aha I see. I only have the Team Family vault setup in the app. I thought I could use the app for just the families account. So I should create a new vault with no content just to be able to open the app if I only wish to use the families account in the app?

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    @brenty: Aha I see. I only have the Team Family vault setup in the app. I thought I could use the app for just the families account. So I should create a new vault with no content just to be able to open the app if I only wish to use the families account in the app?

    @Hjalti: Ah, I'm sorry if I made things even more confusing. :(

    You can absolutely use the 1Password for Windows 10 app with only a 1Password Teams/Families account. I gave that example in case it might apply to your situation, and explain why you were running into this issue. I'll try to make things clearerL

    If you use only a single 1Password Families/Teams account in the app (no other Teams/Families, no local vaults, etc.) then the Master Password to unlock the app will be the one for that 1Password Families/Teams account.

    However, if you originally setup the app first using a different 1Password account or local vault, then that will be the Master Password used to unlock the app, even if you later add 1Password Teams/Families.

    I hope that helps clear things up. Please let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • @brenty: Hmm, interesting. In the beginning I had a 1Password for Windows 4 with a vault in dropbox. Then I created a 1Password Families account and followed your guide on how to move my current vault to the Families vault.

    So when I first installed the Windows 10 app I chose to link it to the dropbox vault. Then I connected the app to the families account and copied my vault over there. Then I proceeded to uninstall 1Password for Windows 4 program and removed the local vault from the Windows 10 app as well so that it only contains the single families account (which has two vaults, personal and shared).
    The families account has the exact same master password as the original vault.

    When I open the Windows 10 app and type in the master password, I just get the red animation showing that the password is wrong. Then I proceed to uninstall the Windows 10 app so that now there is no 1password installed on my computer. I then install the Windows 10 app again and directly choose to sign in to families account. This time the password works and I get access to my vault. Now I close the program. Next time I open the program the cycle restarts (password doesn't work, uninstall, reinstall, get access to vault).

    So everytime I want to access my vault now in Windows 10 I need to reinstall the app, since the 1password for Windows 4 program does not support the families account and does not show all items. What can I do?

  • @Hjalti that sounds like a bug in 1Password for Windows 10 app, please "Check for updates" in your Store app to get latest (in case you don't have it already) and then either run this link op://email in your browser or click "Settings\Email us". It will open your Mail app and attach your logs so we can investigate. Thanks in advance!

  • @SergeyTheAgile I can't find an option to check for updates in the app... But I can see the app version number seems to be '1Password Beta 2016.4.300'. And neither the link nor the setting open up my Mail app. Both open an empty new instance of chrome. Is there another way I can get the logs to you?

  • HjaltiHjalti
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    I found these folders under WindowsApps, but not sure which files (if any) are log files:

  • @Hjalti you have the latest, that is good. To check for updates you need to go to Store app, click on your user avatar and there will be "Downloads and updates", inside you will find "Check for updates" button.

    It appears that you have Chrome set up as your default email client, you can change this in system Settings app, look for System\Default apps.

    If you want to reach logs - run this in browser op://log/folder - it will open folder with crash reports, there is also a file "live log.txt" in the parent folder. Usually this is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\DC5C6510.1PasswordAlpha_2v019pwa6amcg\LocalState

    Hope that helps :)

  • @SergeyTheAgile: Aha I was looking for updates from within the app, but now I found the option right were you said it would be!

    I fixed the Email as well but this time the email doesn't seem to add any log files at all.

    The crash reports folder is empty. And when I try to login with the correct password, the log file states that the password is invalid...

    I can send you the live log.txt file if you want

  • @Hjalti great news :) App writes live log.txt, if it detects a crash, then this file is copied to crashes folder. That's how it work. Please send me live log if you have no crashes.

    Email should attach all crashes and live log, but we noticed that it works with Mail app, but desktop mail clients silently ignore our attachments. Which client do you use - Outlook, Thunderbird...?

  • @SergeyTheAgile I use Outlook 2016.
    I will send you three log files, the first one contains an attempt to send email via Settings/Email, the second one contains initial setup and attempts to login afterwards, and finally the third one is just the install (including linking to families account) and no failed login attempts.
    These are not all the same file modified by me, these are three different log files, from three separate installs of the beta app that I will perform now.
    Shall I send the mail directly to you, or should I send it to the address 1password chose (Settings/Email)?

  • thanks, please use support email, it will be the best option :)

  • There is an update in Windows Store (version 2016.4.801) that fixes the issue with master passwords that got some non-latin letters inside. If you are experiencing such issues - please "Check for updates" in your Store app. If the problem stays - drop us a line, we will investigate and fix it. :)

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