App is frozen after entering the master password

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Can't unlock vault.


  • Doesn't work for me. Downloaded the update and app still freezes on "Enter master password" screen.

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    Hi @revanmj,

    I'm sorry to hear it didn't help here. I've split your post from the other thread as the update did fix the issue for many users reporting the inability to unlock their .agilekeychain vault.

    Just to be clear, you said it is freezing, can you clarify that? Are you saying you can't retype the password either? The other bug just shows an incorrect password, not the app freezing.

    Could you try to reproduce the problem and send us the activity logs. Here's how:

    1. Open Edge and type op://log
    2. 1Password will open up its log window, click on the Mail icon on the bottom to email the logs to us. Make sure the logs are included as file attachments. If not, go back to 1Password's log window and click on Save icon instead to save it and attach it manually to the email.

    Let me know when it is sent, so we can confirm we got the logs.


  • Logs sent (there were only few lines).

    It freezes either right after showing master password screen or at the logo screen. What's interesting - it launches fine when I mispell the URI and eneter op://logs in Edge. App freezes only when launching via icon from search or Start screen.

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    Hi @revanmj,

    Thanks, we got the email and we'll reply there.

    ref: SVP-45449-658

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