{OPI-3484} Love these beta updates!!

@Winnie @brenty Such a small thing but makes me so happy! Great looking update .. haven't found any issues yet ;)

[IMPROVED] Touch ID is now enabled by default, if available. {OPI-3484}

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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    @iamecho: Thanks for the poke! At first I was confused that I'd gotten a notification for a brand new discussion. :lol:

    On behalf of the whole team here at AgileBits, you are most welcome! I know @AGKyle in particular has been working hard with the team on a number of Touch ID improvements. My personal favourite so far is "When Require Master Password is set to Never, Touch ID is enabled and the device is restarted 1Password will ask for your Maser Password but also allow Touch ID when tapping its button. {OPI-3441}", but there's more to come.

    Thanks for being a beta tester, and letting us know the "little things" don't go unnoticed and unappreciated! :love:

  • @brenty But you're everywhere, in every forum! Truthfully, I added you because you had commented on the multi emails from Test Flight! And yes, LOVE, LOVE that Touch ID fix too.

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    But you're everywhere, in every forum!

    lol I try! I'm just used to getting a notification and then having to read (or re-read) the previous discussion. It was a pleasant surprise! :chuffed:

    Looking forward to getting 6.4 out there to everyone! :pirate:

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