Ability to create new vault? [yet to be implemented]

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After I opened an existing vault, I no longer see any option to create new vault. Please add option of adding new vault.

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  • @hubpf vaults creation is disabled until we finish add/edit items in personal vaults, which depend on pushing changes back to OneDrive/Dropbox. We are being extra careful with this step as it requires some good testing with 1Passwords on other platforms.

  • Any update on creating new vaults on iOS? I upgraded 1P on iOS to Pro thinking I could create new vaults for different members of my family. But I did not realize that I needed to use a PC with Win10!! I'm still on Win7/8 and have no plans to migrate to 10 for a while since most of my usage is in iOS only.

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    Hey @ramachsv, creating new vaults on iOS is something we may consider down the road, but it isn't on the road map right now. But, if you' need to add vaults for your Team/Family account, you can accomplish this through the Team/Family web app. Just login into your account and go to admin console > vaults and select the + button to add a new vault.

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