Issues with moving data from Vault to Families

cgraniercgranier Junior Member

I'm migrating some old vaults to a Family account and ran into the following problems:

  1. If the app locks while performing a move, the progress box will be gone when you unlock the app. It seems the move continues (the number of items keeps growing) but there's no way to see the progress box again.
  2. After the above happens, 1Password eventually crashes.
  3. Reopening 1Password now shows a much lower number of passwords in my Family vault. Online, I see 2110 (in the Home screen) but my app says there are 901.

Not very confident of what's going on with this.

1Password Version: 4.2600
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Family


  • @cgranier thanks for letting us know there is an interference with autolock and copy process. We'll fix that. Meanwhile, please try this workaround - Settings\Options\Auto Lock after = Never. Hope that helps :)

  • cgraniercgranier Junior Member
    edited April 2016

    Thanks! I'll try that...

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    On behalf of Serg, you're welcome. Please do let us know how it turns out.

  • cgraniercgranier Junior Member

    After one more crash, it finally imported everything into the Family Vault (except generated passwords, which I've read is an issue). However, now I'm left with multiple duplicate entries from the failed copy attempts.

    Any solutions for that?


  • cgraniercgranier Junior Member

    Also, what do you guys have against right-clicking? ;-) Right-click+Delete, Ctrl-X, or even Ctrl-Del or some variation of that would be much more efficient than click, then click on edit then click on move to trash.

    Right clickers of the world... RISE!

  • You are totally right - context menu, keyboard, accessibility and somewhat easier to use UI is what we are aiming to do.

  • cgraniercgranier Junior Member

    Love hearing that! :p

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    :smile: A lot of cool stuff is coming in the near future for 1Password.

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