Chrome Extension for Teams?

I've been using 1Password for storing personal passwords for a while now and love it. So I was really excited to see if I could use it at work to manage passwords with my team. The new 1Password for Teams setup seems like it would do that but it doesn't look ready for prime time. It appears that only the new Win10 Beta version supports teams so the 1Password4 version I've been using won't work. More importantly, it appears that the Chrome (or Firefox, etc.) browser extensions don't work with teams. Is this all correct?

I realize this is just a beta right now so I'm not complaining but if 1Password for Teams did all the same things as the regular 1Password, I'd be happy to sign up for a paid plan for my team. If anyone has any info on what the development roadmap/timeline is for Teams I'd be very interested.


  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    Hi @jaybuys! I'm glad you've been enjoying 1Password over the years. You're correct about 1Password Teams Windows support. It's limited to Windows 10 at the moment, and we're working on support for earlier versions as well as browser extensions. If you have Windows 10 by chance, you can fill things in the browser using our Windows 10 app's integrated browser.

    I wish I had some timelines to share, but we simply don't discuss them publicly. Please keep an eye on our blog and Twitter for updates. We're hoping to have something ready soon but we want it to be a great experience, and that requires testing and development effort. ;) Thanks for checking in.

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