This happens periodically... 1Password says my trial period ended. I wasn't on a trial period.

It's tiresome.

So then it asks that I provide a license. I have the key via email. I click on "Add License." It starts looking for a file. I don't have a file. I have a key.

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  • MeganMegan 1Password Alumni

    Hi @lyndonperry,

    I’m sorry for the frustration here! It sounds like you’re using a version of 1Password that is more recent than the one you purchased. I did a quick check in our back office records, and I was able to find a license for 1Password 3 licensed to the email address that you have in your forum profile.

    Now, the upgrade from 1Password 3 to 1Password 4 was a paid upgrade, so your 1Password 3 license won’t work in a newer version of the app. You can upgrade your license on our website - just enter your existing license information to see your available discount on a new license.

    I hope this helps!

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