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In a future update will all the sharing options be removed from 1Password iOS to just leave AirDrop and Print as the only sharing methods? I've been reading @jpgoldberg threads as to why we can no longer email or text 1Password entries (great post by the way), but IMHO it's slightly misleading for those sharing options to present themselves when they don't actually work.

Then it occurred to me maybe this was an Apple thing dependent on which apps have been pre-selected to share information with.

I hope this question makes sense, but incase it doesn't, I've attached a screenshot of all the sharing options presented to me when I try to share an entry even though Airdrop (& print) is the only one that works.


  • Actually, I'm wrong about this. It clearly says "tap to share with AirDrop" and if other options were available they would probably be to the right of AirDrop. Feel free to delete this thread, sorry! :(

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    Good evening @iamecho! Thank you so much for this great question. It actually gives me a small platform on which to talk about this a little bit: Why are share options other than Print and AirDrop showing up in the share sheet?

    The simplest answer is this: When 1Password decides to show the share sheet it gets a chance to say which share options we would like to exclude, but the list of exclusions is actually quite small. There is no mechanism for us to say, "only include AirDrop and Print".

    What we've done in 1Password 6.4 is to exclude as many as we can, but if someone chooses Spark or WhatsApp from the Share sheet (basically anything but AirDrop or Print) we provide those other apps with no information. Quite honestly it's not the friendliest option in the world, but at this time it's really our only option.

    Thanks again for writing in!

  • @MrRooni Thanks so much for responding - now I don't feel quite so silly for asking! AirDrop works just fine for me and I know other sharing options are being considered as well, so it'll be exciting to see what future updates bring. Your team always comes up with functions I never knew I needed!

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    @iamecho Never feel silly for asking about any of this, we're always happy to help explain.

  • Why was this feature disabled, I liked sharing logins using the plain text option.

  • IAmEcho can you be a bit more precise about which posting?

  • Ah Great! thanks you. I wasn't able to find the discussion on his profile page :-/

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    Thanks @iamecho for helping out and pointing users to prior answers. It helps a great deal.

  • @AGKyle No problem Kyle, I'm happy to help. This forum is such a rich resource of information, backed up by you & your terrific staff.

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    You rock @iamecho ! Thanks for helping out here! <3

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