Browser extension integration [Slowly implemented in the 1Password 6 desktop beta]



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    Currently mass export is only available on the Mac. Your data would be locked in.

    @dahanbn: You're half right. ;)

    Currently (being the operative word) we don't have an export function outside of 1Password for Mac, but it's something we will add in the future...

    So how can you "retrieve your data locally if the time comes when you do not want to pay the family subscription fee anymore?

    @Didiko: But most importantly, your data isn't "locked" at all: you can actually use 1Password Families/Teams in read-only mode without a subscription. You just wouldn't be able to make changes (similar to when the trial expires in the app).

    I am now using the Surface Pro under Win10 as main computer and this is really painful not to be able to use some basic features such as adding a new entry in Dropbox or using the extension of a web browser.

    I couldn't agree more! Right now the best option is still to use another browser like (Chrome or Firefox) since they have been kind enough to provide a means of integrating with them. Microsoft has all of us right where they want us: everyone I've talked to loves Edge...but really wants extensions and more a robust featureset. But the fact that any of us care about this is a testament to how great Edge is already — which is good news for Microsoft! :)

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    @brenty Thanks, but, do I get you right when you say that there is currently a possibility to use browser extensions with the beta app under Win10 (with Chrome or Firefox)?
    Can you please explain?
    Thank you.

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    @Didiko: I'm really sorry for confusing things there. Since we were talking about Edge in general, that's what I was referring to. Only the 1Password for Windows desktop app can integrate with browsers.

    However, the only way you can fill logins in Edge is using the built-in browser in the 1Password for Windows 10 beta. Just use the "globe" icon in an items details to open it.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Hey guys, just wanted to drop couple of bits into this discussion :)

    1. Edge does not allow us to develop extensions yet, this is about to change in relatively short time. As soon as we are allowed to build extension we are planning to focus on that ultimately.

    2. Chrome and Firefox users are not forgotten, while it may looks like we do nothing in extension integration - we are actually working on it.

    3. There is something else that I'd be super excited to announce. You never heard that ;)

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    Now I am curious. :chuffed: Escpecially about your third point.

    @dahanbn: No comment. :lol:

    Somehow the data are kind of locked in. Of course you can manually copy each data of an entry (username, url, password, additional fields) to migrate / export the data. But that isn't viable for a vault with more than a few entries. And because it isn't possible to export the data is still locked in.

    It isn't locked in, but I agree that we need to make it easier for everyone, regardless of platform (though mobile is a tough one). Having export in the web interface would be a great start, since it would allow anyone with a compatible browser to export their data. I'm not sure if that's even possible though, and it may be that the apps gain this ability first. But of course we need to make it possible for Windows 7 and 8 users to get data into 1Password Teams/Families before they can even think about getting it out. :blush:

    What I am curious about? If I don't continue to subscribe and I would be in the read only mode would it still be possible to delete my password data?

    Great question! After the trial, without a subscription, the plan is for it to be completely read-only, so no editing, but you can access the data. That would almost certainly preclude deleting individual items. However, the account itself can always be deleted completely if you wish. I don't believe there's a way to do this through the site currently, but we're always happy to do that for anyone who asks. Mostly of the account deletions we do are because of a lost Account Key or Master Password though. :angry:

  • +1 for Browser integration (FF). Close to useless without and since I'm on 1Pw Family, I'm sort of stuck atm :(

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    Hi @binaryanomaly,

    I understand, thanks for letting us know and for your vote.

    Browser extension support is one of our top priorities and we hope to have more details soon.

  • I'm also stuck with this. I got all hyped about the family plan and since I'm in OSX I could use it with no problem. Turns out no one in my family can use it. (1B / copy paste is useless).

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    We're working on improving the app everyday, but we're not there yet. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(

  • Hope we see this soon. It is slowly getting annoying and I'm beginning to regret the move to 1Pw Family...

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    Thanks for sharing that with us, we do understand and do apologize about that. We don't have any timeframes but as mentioned before, it's one of the top priorities for us alongside Windows 7 support.

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