How do I move items between categories?

I have the Windows 7 demo version and I imported a lot of passwords from a CSV file. They all went into logins category, but I need to move some to the Accounts and other categories. Drag and drop does not work. How do I do it?

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OS Version: Windows 7 Pro, SP 1
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • brentybrenty

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    @cbey: I'm sorry for the confusion! CSV import only works for the Login category, and there isn't a way to switch an item's category after the fact.

    However, if you've still got your data export, you could use @MrC's converter to get the data into the 1PIF format, which does support all of 1Password's item categories, so that you can re-import into a new vault. That may give you the results you're looking for. What are you migrating from?

  • Web Confidential 3.1 for the PC (yes, it's ancient!)

    If I follow your suggestion, do I have to reimport into a new vault, or can I just delete all the entries from my current vault and reimport into it?

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    HI @cbey,

    I'd suggest creating a separate vault via the File Menu > New 1Password Vault. If you're happy with this new vault, you can then archive or delete the first vault. You can rename the folder of the new vault and then direct 1Password to open it.

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