I put all my password data in the primary vault (above family) and now the web doesnt see it

I have this question asked in another forum thread... But as a new user, I am 36 hours in. and somehow was told to use the primary vault in my apps (iphone and mac so I moved everything there) but when I logged into the web, the primary vault was missing and all my passwords. any way to get it to show up in the family web dashboard?

1Password Version: 6.2.1
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.11.4
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: kb:teams-families-migrate, kb:teams-families-setup, kb-search:missing primary vault, kb:sync-options


  • Hello, this may be the wrong place to ask this, but I also want the feature of global sync (and recently bought the iPhone version of 1P pro) and was told that if I go to 1P for Families I will have that (even with my existing Mac 1Ps that are currently new and therefore free trial, unsubscribed). How do I upgrade? I will google it, but thought this is a good question for me to ask here. Thanks!

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    If you are already using 1Password, you can sign up for 1Password Families and migrate any data you may have like this:

    How to migrate to a family or team

    That article and video will walk you through the whole thing — from signing up to setting up the apps and migrating your data.

    If you are stuck on any part, please let me know which specific step you are stuck on. I'm happy to provide more specific assistance if I know where you are having trouble. :)

  • Thanks! Wierdly, I had already signed up for Family (call it the hub). I am now thoroughly confused how the integration hub works (family) and am now missing my primary vault (only see now personal and shared which are empty because I had migrated everything to primary on the edge). So I made another primary vault at the hub (thinking those items would magically appear if I named the new hub vault "primary", but now i have two primary vaults at each of the edges (iphone and mac). A 1password healthcheck for apple premium dummies available? Something that shows an architectural diagram of how everything works together. iPhone, Mac (edge), Web (family dashboard), chrome mini, etc. and Mac working to gether at the Family level? and a checklist if you have sort of meandered thru all this during the last 36 hours of setting it up?

  • Interesting... found this... in the forum:

    "We're adding the ability to just remove the Primary vault for people who switched to Families and Teams accounts in the next update of 1Password for Mac. "......

    So that may answer my question above. I think I need to migrate my password data back to the personal and shared vaults and simply delete the primary vault which is not really used with Family (I presume)....

    I will let you know how that goes.

  • Wow, it worked (migrated everything from the "above family level primary vault" back to the personal vault. I am super-mario now. I love 1Password and the various apps with the Family upgrade. Very easy for me to use now. I feel like I discovered something that cured a cancer that was breaking my brain apart. Nice product agile bits!

  • I seem to have "half solved" this... I opened a new thread under family... basically I had to move all my password data below the family name and then the web dashboard could see the data. I was then about to delete the primary vault (above the family name) but that did not work, and also I think it would have broken things (because iCloud is syncing to the primary vault). I am not sure if I care that my primary vault exists and I am a family subscriber. I read in these forums that "We're (agile bits) adding the ability to just remove the Primary vault for people who switched to Families and Teams accounts in the next update of 1Password for Mac. " So I am not sure how that will affect the iCloud synching that I have enabled... or if I even need iCloud syncing for that matter. Great product - love it so far.

  • one last step that should be added to the migration guide: There’s no sync service to set up, vaults appear automatically, .... so why not just turn off iCloud sync for the apps? I am going to try that now that I have family enabled.

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    @sdj_forum: Thank you so much for such high praise. I'm glad you were able to migrate your data to your Personal vault. Truly you are Super Mario! :pirate::+1:

    one last step that should be added to the migration guide: There’s no sync service to set up, vaults appear automatically, .... so why not just turn off iCloud sync for the apps? I am going to try that now that I have family enabled.

    I think you make a good point. However, while 1Password Families vaults cannot sync with iCloud (or Dropbox, for that matter), at this early stage a lot of people have existing "local" vaults they sync with iCloud or Dropbox.

    We definitely want to make the transition smoother in the future, but we also don't want to do something too drastic like automatically migrating data, deleting the Primary vault, and disabling sync settings. After all, even though you're smitten with 1Password Families, some people are just trying it for the first time to decide if they like it. We want to make sure they can go back to using 1Password as they did before if 1Password Families isn't a good fit for them right now.

    I hope this answers your question, but be sure to let me know if you have others. Cheers! :)

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    @sdj_forum: I'm sorry for the confusion that caused! I've already replied to you in another discussion, but I'll try to clarify things here as well for you or anyone else that may benefit.

    When you use the standalone 1Password app (no 1Password Account for 1Password Families/Teams), you setup the app with a Master Password and a Primary vault is created. This is the only vault that can sync with iCloud. This vault (and any other "local" vaults) are not part of 1Password Families, and will never be available on 1Password.com.

    When you sign up for a 1Password Account though, this includes a Personal vault which only you can access along with access to any other vaults shared with your account.

    At this point, if you'd just started using 1Password, you'd only have the vaults from your 1Password Account. But since you already had a Primary vault, adding your 1Password account probably gave you something like this in the app's vault list:

    All Vaults

    Now, if you're crazy like me, you may want to keep the Primary vault (and a few Secondary vaults as well) along with your 1Password Account's vaults. But if you'd prefer something simpler, we've made it possible to remove the Primary vault (it's automatically backed up, just in case) so you can use only 1Password Families vaults. Much simpler.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions. We're here for you! :)

  • Hi Brenty, thank you very much for the quick reply. I think an overview would be nice like this:

    Somebody recommended 1password to you? Where to start?

    1) Deluxe - if you are new to 1password and are willing to subscribe immediately, start with the "accounts" type of subscription. You will need to sign up on the website (not in the apps store) and you will choose an account type: team (need a name) or a family (also need a name). Note: a team of 5 could use family if they want. Family maxes out at 5 participants. It allows you to stay 100% personal or mix personal and shared (across team or family) vaults. But synchronizing everything across your devices is built in. I am new to this so I dont know if private vaults works, or just personal. I also dont know if syncing via iCloud and or dropbox is of value along with the built in sync.

    2) Budget - sync'ing not built in (have to use your own and set it up). If you don't want to subscribe to anything yet and are just testing it out, you could start at the app store level but you will need to set up sync by yourself and navigate settings across your various apps that you set up. You will also need to understand the concept of a primary vault, etc. So to save money in the beginning, but with added complexity you could just do the a la carte option of setting it up on device by device level. this is potentially a much more expensive option since if you purchase the apps on a device level, it can cost more than if you subscribed for the account. But on the other hand it allows you to use a private vault (for passwords that only pertain to that particular device) and use your existing iCloud or dropbox account for synchronizing everything.

  • OK.

    so I re-read everything and i definitely meant "local" vault not "private" in the budget paragraph. I don't do local vaults myself yet, but I understand that some people have used them for years for whatever reason (maybe security). So the apps present these vault types I am aware of are:

    -----inside the app---A family/team "account" subscriber may see in their menu of vaults---
    "All Vaults" icon not a vault, just a grouping.
    "primary vault" (sorta obsolete, was used prior to release of account subscriptions )
    ---- sits above----
    "Team or family name" not a vault, just a grouping. (the name of your "account")
    -personal vault
    -shared vault
    local vault (I don't have these, and I am not sure if I will ever have these)

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    You've got it right, @sdj_forum! I merged your posts into a single discussion thread in order to keep things clearer for me. I get muddled if we are talking in two different places. I hope you don't mind. :)

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