How can I invite users on a trial basis to a paid 1password team account?

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So I realize 1passwords for teams is still in its early stages and there are wrinkles in the process being ironed out, so clearly it's not humanly possible for your team to have every base covered from day one.

With that said... I would like to invite several people to use our teams account on a trial basis so they can determine whether or not they enjoy the experience and solution enough to adapt it and thus to justify paying for several more licenses to our account. This doesn't seem like an unrealistic expectation but due to how the "Invitations" page is laid out after subscribing I'm being led to believe we have now lost the ability (after we subscribed) to invite users on a trial basis. That would be very agitating!

Please, how is it possible now that we've entered our cc info to our account to invite users on a trial basis?


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  • JacobJacob

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    Howdy @roBASS! That's an interesting use case. The trial is team-wide, as with most subscription services I know of, so it's not possible to do exactly what you're looking for. However, you could invite them as a guest if you'd like to. I didn't imagine there would be a case where a team owner would have a hard time convincing his team to use 1Password Teams. For most places, they just say "this is what we're using" and folks go there to store and use their passwords. Is there something we can do to help, I suppose, sell your team on things? Feel free to invite them as guests so they can try things out.

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