Windows Store App: Other vaults not listed alphabetically [Implemented]

edited May 2016 in Windows Beta

We are using 1Password for Teams. We have 204 vaults.

The Windows Store App and 1Password 6 Beta does not lisit Vaults alphabetically. It makes it very diffcult to find the right vault. The vaults does not seem to be sorted in any particular order, but the order they are shown in does seem to persist. If I close and open the app the vaults are listed in the same order as the last time.

Feature request: Include vault name in the fields that are searched when searching for items in "All vaults" view...

1Password Version: 2016.5.2102u
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • :+1: for this. But 204 vaults wow.

  • SergeyTheAgileSergeyTheAgile

    Team Member

    Thanks guys, the fix for vault order has been deployed for desktop app (2016.5.2301d), it will be in universal app with next update!

    We will look into searching vault names too.

  • Thank you! Can confirm it works in Desktop beta 2016.5.2400d (my Windows Store does not list any updates yet).

    Just one minor annoyance: The sorting is not international. We are located in Norway and have a few special letters. They are displayed correctly, but sorted wrong.

  • SergeyTheAgileSergeyTheAgile

    Team Member

    We sort vaults in Vault Switcher using current culture rules in 2016.5.2401d. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Thank you! That was quick! :)

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    On behalf of Serg, you're welcome!

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