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I have a number of clients for whom I register and create user accounts with various web services. It would be very helpful if I could right-click a Folder full of username/password items and email it to a client. Ideally, there would be two options to convey the information. First would be a basic text file. Second would be an attached file, which once received by the clients could be imported into his/her own 1Password account.


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    Hello postzavtra,

    Thank you for asking about this.

    Right now, you have options that do (what I think is) precisely what you are looking for in 1Password for Mac. First, select the item(s) you wish to share, and then:

    File > Export Selected

    Here you have three options:

    • 1Password Interchange File — not encrypted, not easily human-readable, can be easily imported into 1Password
    • Text File — not encrypted, more easily human-readable, can be imported into a variety of applications
    • Encrypted Web Pageencrypted, very easily human-readable, cannot be imported into other applications

    Depending on your needs, I hope one of the options will suffice. Please also note that you can place the unencrypted files into Knox vaults or otherwise encrypt them in transit if needed.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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