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I'm a tagging enthusiast and I have a lot of data in 1Password. Frequently I forget which is the name of a site or web service I want to visit, but I remember the associated tags that I saved with this account.

Currently I can't just fire up the Go & Fill menu in Chrome and search for e.g. "tv" because I'm unable to remember that I should type in "next-episode.net"… so I have to fire up 1Password and find what I've been looking for there.

The browser extensions would really benefit from this feature and I hope this is already in your coding oven. Is it? (Please say yes).

All the best, Patrick


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    Hey Patrick!

    If I recall correctly, "tagging enthusiast" may actually be a large understatement. <img class=" /> I think you single-handedly prompted us to optimize our tag code a few versions ago because a data file rebuild on a souped up Mac Pro kept hanging. I'm actually almost rolling on the floor even thinking about that. I am glad we were able to get things resolved (and optimized) for "tagging enthusiasts" everywhere. :-D

    That said, I don't know of a current initiative to add support for tags within the new browser extensions in Chrome and Safari 5.1, but the older Safari 5.0 and Firefox extensions should show tags in the 1P toolbar menu.


    Although, in your case, I can only imagine that this is next to useless without search capability. I will pass this along to the developers on your behalf. Thanks for asking about it!

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