How can you change the syncing of data to a non-dropbox location (i.e. Google Drive)?


I've currently got 1Password on my Android device setup to sync with my 1Password file in Dropbox.

The problem is I've decided to move away from Dropbox to Google Drive.

I've managed to setup 1Password on my Mac to find the Google Drive version of my 1Password file, but I'm not sure how you can change the sync with Android to do the same.

Any ideas?

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    @integralist: Sorry for the confusion there! It isn't possible to change the sync settings, but if you reinstall the app you can set it up to use a local folder instead of Dropbox. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Thanks @brenty for the reply. Unfortunately that doesn't appear to help me in that my 1Password file is stored inside of Google Drive and not on my phone/device and it seems the local folder option only allows me to look thorough my phones media rather than work with Google Drive itself.

    I'd rather not download the file to my phone because then it'll go out of sync with my Mac which is set to sync data with the file in Google Drive.

    This looks to be a problem caused by 1Password explicitly supporting only 1 cloud storage provider (in this case Dropbox).

    Do you think there could be another work-around I've not considered? :-(

  • Aha, OK so I might have found a solution.

    Seems I need another app (Autosync Google Drive) that let's you connect to Google Drive and keeps specific files you specify sync'ed onto your phone and then that means I can use the local folder option in 1Password for Android

  • @integralist You've found the workaround. I also would like to use Google Drive, but I'm completely uncomfortable allowing a relatively no-name company / developer to have unrestricted access to my Google Drive. The 1PW folks are understandably focusing on their Teams/Families product, but I wish they had added native support for multiple cloud sync solutions (including Google Drive) before they switched gears.

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    @integralist Sounds like you’ve found a good workaround to get Google Drive working now :)

    @EnerJi I completely understand your decision. We haven’t given up on Google Drive, but as you understand, our recent focus has been on other functionalities of the app.

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