Open all vaults when unlocking

I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to have the vault that is opened when unlocking the windows desktop program to the all vaults vault. Because that would make much more sense. And also save me and everyone some clicks ;)

Timo :)

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  • Doodler_BenjiDoodler_Benji

    Team Member

    Hey Timo,

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll discuss with the development part of the Windows Team to see what we can do for you!
    It would be nice wouldn't it! Maybe we could offer a 'my default' choice so you can choose the vault or all vaults you get after unlocking.

    Thanks again Timo, keep the feedback coming!

  • ntimontimo
    edited May 2016

    Hi Benji
    @Doodler_Benji wow that was fast :dizzy: the option to select the vault that should be shown when unlocking would be much more awesome of course. I will wait for an update on this ;) But I think the dev's will like to idea.


  • Doodler_BenjiDoodler_Benji

    Team Member

    I've had lots of coffee today :chuffed: I think Devs and other 1Password users will like it, I will have a chat with the Team and see what we can do for you. Thanks again for the feedback, have a great day @ntimo

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