What happens when my master password is stolen, e.g. by de keylogger program? Is there a solution?

Would it not be a good idea to extend the login with the master password with an extra safety, e.g. a code send to a mobile, in order to prevent someone who has stolen my master password by for example a keylogger to get into my passowrd vault?

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    @JvRooij: 1Password uses encryption to protect your data. AgileBits doesn't serve as a gatekeeper for your local vaults, so there isn't anyone for you to get some sort of authentication code on your phone from. One exception would be storing your vault in Dropbox and using two factor authentication there. It is absolutely crucial that you do not give anyone your Master Password. If they have that along with your data, they can decrypt it.

    However, with 1Password Families, we've also introduced the Account Key to not only strengthen the Master Password, but to make it impossible to decrypt the data with only the Master Password.

    On Windows (7 and later) you can use Secure Desktop, which isolates the Master Password entry from other software, to prevent key logging. But if someone is able to install data collection software of any kind on your machine, they could more easily read your information bit by bit from memory or take screenshots as you enter or access it. But at that point they'd probably get more bang for their (your?) buck by stealing your credit cards or valuables -- the computer itself, perhaps. It's important to keep in mind that like any app, 1Password's security depends to some extent on the integrity of the system. Ultimately 1Password can't prevent you from giving away your secrets, but it offers tools you can use for protecting them.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • brenty, thanks this helps.
    However the account key option is only avsilble for windows 10. Does it also come for Windows 7?

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    @JvRooij: We're working on a new 1Password app for Windows 7 and 8.1 too, which will include support for 1Password Families/Teams (and of course their Account Keys). ;)

  • Thanks a lot! :)

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    Any time! And we'll be sure to announce it when it's ready. You can keep up with AgileBits and 1Password news by following us on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, and our email newsletter. Nothing spammy, always just useful 1Password tips and announcements. Cheers! :)

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