Please add more options for viewing multiple vaults at once. "All Vaults" doesn't cut it...

I have both Family and Team accounts. It would be nice if I could select and view all of my Family vaults at the same time and do the same with all of my Team vaults.

The catch is that I don't want to see all of my Family AND Team vaults together, which is what happens when you enable "All Vaults". Of course, you can change which vaults are shown with "All Vaults" but the option is hidden in the setting's app. This setting takes 3x taps to reach and 3x taps to exit on an iPhone.

Vaults are shared with people instead of individual password items being shared with people. From a security standpoint, I understand this setup. It's not the most intuitive experience, but it is the most secure. So the passwords I want to keep in sync for multiple people must to be sorted into vaults based on who needs access.

In this example, I have Vault 1 (personal), Vault 2 (shared with my wife and daughter) and Vault 3 (shared with only my wife). If I want to sync our Netflix password with everyone, it goes into Vault 2. If I want to sync our Citibank password with only my wife, it goes into Vault 3. A list of gift ideas for my anniversary is for my eyes only and goes in Vault 1.

If I want to see all 3 passwords in the same list, I can...
1) Copy all of the passwords to my Vault 1. Unfortunately, if a password gets changed, I now have to play vault hopscotch to copy and delete or update the proper passwords... this almost kills the whole idea of syncing with other people. If I open the "All Vaults" view after copying them, I'm now looking at 6 entries for only 3 passwords:

Citibank, Citibank, Gift List, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix

2) Leave the passwords in the shared vaults and view "All Vaults". I now see only 3 entires for 3 passwords AND if I update one of them, everyone sees the changes effortlessly and almost immediately. Unfortunately, I the entires I see now look like this:

Citibank, Corporate Amex, FedEx, Gift List, Guest Security Code, Netflix, ShareFile Login, Office Wifi

...that's right! I have a Team account too! So the work-around I use to make my Family account make sense almost makes it worse because all of my secure Team items get mixed in with my family items.

3) Wait for 1Password to make better options for viewing Vaults simultaneously. **hint: THIS is the option I want!

Of course these are very simple examples; In reality, I have 398 items in my Family account and 159 in my Team account. I expect this will get even worse now that attachments are treated as separate items. Considering I already have to get past 556 other items each time I want a specific password, there is absolutely no way I'm going through the 6-step venture change the "All Vaults" viewing options, especially not as many times as I switch between Family and Teams thought the day!

So, what do you think? Can someone please get on this soon? A little button next to the account name would be nice ("All Account Vaults", perhaps?). Or how about Vault groups? That sounds great too!

Good luck and thank you for making such a great app that I'm actually compelled to spend this much time complaining about it!


1Password Version: 6.4.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 9.3.2
Sync Type: Family, Team & Dropbox


  • I have both a Family and Team account; we either need the ability to rename our Personal vaults or it needs to more prominently display the account to which it is tied. At the very least, the primary vault in Family and Team accounts should be named differently based on the type of account.

    In order of preference:
    1) Custom Personal vault names (Possibly add the word "personal" [discretely] underneath the vault name to distinguish it, and "shared" under the shared fault names)
    2) Ability to append custom text to the vault name (ie. "Personal-Home", "Personal-Work")
    3) Integrate the (short) Family or Team name into the vault name (ie. "Smith: Personal", "Smith&Sons: Personal")
    4) Create standard but unique primary vault names (ie. primary vault in Family accounts is "Personal", primary vault in Team accounts is "Business")
    5) Something else that properly fixes this highly annoying UX oversight!

    I was also going to say that we need the ability to rename the "Shared" vault in Team accounts BUT I just realized you can basically get rid of the un-renamable "Shared" Team vault... just remove all team members and administrators, then remove all permissions for the owner to view the vault. The vault will still appear on the web version, but it will disappear from the apps.

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    I left the comment above (about Vault naming) under another discussion... why is it now showing up under a discussion I created 48 minutes AFTER I left the comment?

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    Hey @madld! Thanks for posting about this. I read the post a few times, as well as your second one, and am trying to see what you need exactly. It sounds like you don't want your team account vaults to show up sometimes because the contents can conflict with your family account vaults. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the way you share things using multiple vaults, since the same thing would happen if you just had everything in a Personal vault and then other stuff in a Teams one.

    At the moment, the only solution we have is to remove those vaults from All Vaults or simply switch to the vault you want to view. I have two Teams and one Family set up in my apps and I haven't had trouble with this, but I can see how it could get out of hand. :) I'd be happy to forward your feedback to our developers for future improvements to things.

    Lastly, your two posts were merged because they are very similar and we like to keep things organized. Sorry it was a bit of a surprise.

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have some other ideas and feedback. :)

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