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This is mainly for the 1Password Team, but if anyone would like to share their input I wouldn't mind. But would it be possible later on in the future if 1Password could start offering support through something maybe like a live chat widget somewhere on the support page? I just wanted to suggest this, but if it's not possible, it's okay. I was just curious.

Thank you.

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  • Hi @ChocolateAndTech,

    Thanks so much for the suggestion! We pride ourselves on having responsive support and ensuring that users have to wait for as little time as possible before their questions are answered. And, of course, we’re always looking for ways to improve how support is offered to our users.

    Our ultimate goal though is to ensure that 1Password is so user-friendly and our documentation is so comprehensive that you never even need to talk to us. We have weekly calls between developers and customer support to discuss the top issues that we’re seeing and how we can make changes to the app to remove pain points for users, and since we’ve set up that new workflow, we’re seeing definite improvements in the apps as a result of feedback from users. It’s pretty exciting!

    Until that magical day when the software is completely perfect, though, support is a necessity, and we love our users and want to be sure that they receive the best support possible. I think one of the challenges with live chat support is the staffing requirements. We don’t outsource any support here, it’s all done by dedicated members of the AgileBits team. In order to have live chat available for all our users, we would need a significantly larger team. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s not something we would never do, but we would need to ensure that we could do it right. :)

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